National Film Awards (Bangladesh)

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National Film Awards
Bangladesh National Film Awards 2014
National Film Awards Logo.jpg
National Film Awards logo
Awarded for Excellence in cinematic achievements for Bangladeshi cinema
Sponsor Government of Bangladesh
Location Dhaka
Country Bangladesh
Presented by Ministry of Information
First awarded 1975
Last awarded 10 May 2014
Official website Official website

National Film Awards (Bengali: জাতীয় চলচ্চিত্র পুরস্কার) is the most prominent film award ceremony in Bangladesh.[1] Established in 1975 by Government of Bangladesh.[2] This is the only film awards given to the Government of Bangladesh.[2] Every year, a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entry, and the award ceremony is held in Dhaka. Newly started the Lifetime Achievement, it was first initiated on the 2009.[3][4][5]


The Awards were first presented in 1975. The Government of Bangladesh offers National Film Awards to the individuals for notable contributions to the promotion of the art of cinema, specifically for their best performances, and also to the best films and documentaries. Since 1975, The “National Film Award” is a grand event that took place annually through a host of colourful programmes, dance and music. Celebrated stars of the Bangladesh film industry showed up dressed in stunning attires for the biggest event of the year that honoured noted artistes and technicians for their contribution to Bangla cinema. It is the highest award given for films in Bangladesh.

Juries and rules[edit]

The juries are appointed by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board, an important department under the Ministry of Information in Bangladesh. The Board members are from different walks of the society like Social Worker, Government officers, Educationist, Journalists, Film maker, Film producer, Actor-Actress, Poet etc. The Board gives secretarial assistance and manage screening of films submitted for National Film Award. It is also responsible for screening of films examined by the Appellate Committee.[6]


The awardees include the best film, story writer, director, photo editor, composer of dialogue, photo dramatist, actor and actress, side actor and actress, song director, photographer, composer of song, art director, sound man, singer, juvenile artist, dance director, tuner, make-up man, manuscript, dialogue, documentary, short film and special award for juvenile artists. Every awardee gets a raplica in addition to the cash money.

Special awards[edit]

  • Lifetime Achievement (start from 2009)
  • Special Jury Award
  • Best Feature Film

Merit awards[edit]

Technical awards[edit]

  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Audiography
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Make-up
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Dialogue
  • Best Special Effects

Awards by decade[edit]

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