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The National Film School of Denmark (Danish: Den Danske Filmskole) is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. It was established in 1966 and is based on Holmen in the harbour of Copenhagen.


The National Danish Film School was established in 1966 under the Danish Film Institute with Theodor Christensen and Jens Christian Lauritzen as the driving forces and the latter as the institution's first principal.[1] In 1988 the school became an independent institution and in 1998 the school—until then spread out on several addresses—relocated to its current premises on Holmen as part of the Danish Centre for Artistic Educations.


There are four study programmes available: film, TV, scriptwriting and animation directing. The number of students is 96: 60 film students, 6 scriptwriters, 18 TV students and 12 animation directors. All courses are 4-year programmes, except the scriptwriting course which lasts 3 years.

The school is an art school but practical knowledge is also very important. The teaching programme is a mixture of theoretical and practical training and includes a large number of exercises and productions. The students' final project is a film produced on a professional level and presented to the public on national TV. All students must pass an entrance test including both practical exercises and interviews.

Director Poul Nesgaard has headed the school since 1992. The number of employees amounts to about 50 persons, including teachers, technical and administrative staff. A large number of guest teachers are temporarily employed. The school also arranges courses for film and TV professionals from abroad and seminars with the participation of other Nordic countries.


Year Keeper
1966–1969 Jens Christian Lauritzen
 ?  ?
1975—1982 Henning Camre
1992–present Poul Nesgaard


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