National Forum (Croatia)

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National Forum
Leader Nikica Gabrić
Founded 8 December 2013 (2013-12-08)[1]
Headquarters Zagreb
Ideology Pro-Europeanism
Political position Centre
European affiliation European Democratic Party
Colours Blue
Seats in Sabor
0 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 11
Politics of Croatia
Political parties

National Forum (Croatian: Nacionalni forum, abbreviation NF) is a citizen association and a political party (officially registered in February 1, 2014[2]) in Croatia. Its founder is Nikica Gabrić.

In March 1, 2014, NF announced a coalition with Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) for upcoming European Parliament election.[3] Later, they formed that coalition, together with Alliance of Primorje-Gorski Kotar (PGS) and List for Fiume.[4] The party joined the European Democratic Party (EDP) on 30 April 2014.[5]

Political program[edit]

Party's political program is focused on stimulating economic growth and employment, especially of the young, educated and talented people who are waiting for their chance on the Employment Exchange, and demography, which is crucial for the existence of the Croatian people. Party's program also places emphasis on anti-corruption measures, considering it is high time to abolish the unjust rule of a handful of privileged individuals whose particular interests are placed ahead of the common good.[6]


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