National Highway 71B (India)(old numbering)

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National Highway 71B (919)
Route information
Length: 74 km (46 mi)
Major junctions
From: Rewari
To: Palwal
States: Haryana Rajasthan
Rewari, Tauru, Sohna, Palwal
Highway system
NH 71A NH 72

National Highway 71B (NH 71B), now re-numbered as NH 919, starts from Rewari and ends at Palwal, both in the state of Haryana. The highway is 74 km (46 mi) long and runs in haryana and is crosses rajasthan also near dharuheda from alwar is also shortest national highway of rajasthan ( 5km.)[1]

It passes through Dharuhera in Rewari district and alwar district of rajasthan (only 5 km)and Tauru and Sohna in Gurgaon district.

The Rewari-Dharuhera-Tauru-Sohna-Palwal road existed much before NH 8 was built in 1960s. It was the only road from Rewari to Gurgaon and Delhi as NH 8 did not exist then. When NH 8 was built in the 1960s, the stretch from Masani to Dharuhera became a part of NH 8.

The road starts from Rewari and joins NH 8 at Masani barrage. It does not exist for about 5 km from Masani barrage to Dharuhera. On this stretch, it is the same as NH 8 and therefore non-existent as a separate road. Then from Dharuhera it again starts. The stretch from Rewari to Masani barrage is more popularly known as Delhi road because it leads to Delhi.

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