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The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) (Spanish for National Institute of Migration) is a unit of the government of Mexico dependent on the Secretariat of the Interior that controls and supervises migration in the country.


Paisano program[edit]

During the Presidency of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the Paisano program was created to assist Mexican nationals returning to Mexico for temporary visits.

Grupo Beta[edit]

Grupos Beta (Beta Groups) is a service by the National Institute of Migration (INM) of Mexico offering water, medical aid, and information to immigrants at risk within the Mexican borders.


Officials of Child Protection 'OFICIALES DE PROTECCIÓN A LA INFANCIA' (OPIS) are Mexican Federal Migration Agents whose main task is to ensure respect for the human rights of children and adolescent migrants, especially children unaccompanied by an adult.


Since 1999, the INM approved the increase from 16 to 32 regional offices, one for every state of Mexico and the Federal District. It also has 45 migration stations concentrated on border states (land), Mexico City (air) and the Gulf of Mexico (sea). These stations are:

State City State City
Aguascalientes Aguascalientes Guerrero Acapulco
Baja California Mexicali Zihuatanejo
Tijuana Michoacán Morelia
Baja California Sur Los Cabos Oaxaca La Ventosa
Campeche Campeche Oaxaca
Ciudad del Carmen Salina Cruz
Escárcega San Pedro Tapantepec
Chiapas Ciudad Cuauhtémoc Quintana Roo Cancún
Ciudad Hidalgo Chetumal
Comitán San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí
Echegaray Sinaloa Mazatlán
El Hueyate Sonora Agua Prieta
El Manguito Tabasco La Venta
Frontera Colozal Temosique
Huehuetán Villahermosa
Mazapa de Madero Tamaulipas Matamoros
Palenque Miguel Alemán
Playa de Catazaja Nuevo Laredo
San Cristobal de las Casas Reynosa
San Gregorio Chamic Tampico
Talismán Veracruz Acayucán
Tapachula El Fortín
Tuxtla Gutiérrez Veracruz
Chihuahua Yucatán Mérida
Distrito Federal AICM Zacatecas Zacatecas

Immigration statistics[edit]


  • People who traveled to other countries through Mexico: 114,000
  • Number of undocumented immigrants:
By outcome
  • Deported out of Mexico: 211,218
  • Detained in Mexico: 215,695
By country of origin:
  • Foreign visitors registered and documented: 23,048,000
  • Foreign people, permanently residing in Mexico, re-entering the country: 1,582
  • Temporary workers from Guatemala re-entering the country: 41,894
  • Foreign people entering the country temporarily: 19,614,710
By reason of entry
Tourists: 8,770,686
Business travelers: 413,619
Other: 10,430,405
  • People who entered to apply for residency: 8,513
  • People who received Mexican citizenship: 1,582
  • People who regularized their immigration status: 4,373
By country:
By state of residence:
  • Chiapas: 1,571
  • Federal District: 517
  • Baja California: 305
  • Jalisco: 266
  • Quintana Roo: 222
  • Tamaulipas: 275
  • Campeche: 160
  • Chihuahua: 119
  • Veracruz: 108
By gender:
  • Women: 2,214
  • Men: 2,159

Controversy and public demonstrations against[edit]

On various occasions this agency has been identified as one of the biggest perpetrators of violence in "securing" foreign nationals who enter Mexico temporarily (primarily Central Americans).

Another factor that has sparked the outrage of the Mexican public is the racism inherent to immigration inspections because dark skinned Mexican citizens are "confused" with Central Americans. This inspection "filter" has been deemed a form of neo-Nazism. Some members of this department have also been directly link to human trafficking, as the salaries earned by its employees cannot justify the luxurious living conditions they display.

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