National Integration Party (Colombia)

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National Integration Party
Founded November 2009
Ideology Colombian nationalism
Political position Far-right[1]
Seats in the Chamber of Representatives
6 / 164
Seats in the Senate
5 / 100
Politics of Colombia
Political parties

The National Integration Party (Spanish: Partido de Integración Nacional) is a Colombian political party formed in November 2009.

It has been linked with the Colombian parapolitics scandal in which Colombia paramilitaries were found to be influencing Colombian politics,[2][3] and considered a "reincarnation" of the banned National Democratic Alliance,[4] as well as other parties including Colombia Viva and Convergencia Ciudadana.[5] The imprisoned Senator Luis Alberto Gil is said to be a major influence on PIN.[5][6] Among the party's candidates were many friends and relatives of politicians with links to far-right militias and criminal gangs.[7] Since the March 2010 congressional elections, the party has held 9 out of 102 seats in the Senate and 11 of the 166 seats in the House of Representatives.[1]


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