National Labour Party (Hungary)

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National Labour Party
President Péter Fodor
Founded 28 January 2009
Headquarters 9023 Győr, Ipar út 84.
Ideology National Socialism[1]
Hungarian nationalism
Political position Far-right
Colours Red, Black
National Assembly:
0 / 386
European Parliament:
0 / 22
Party flag
Nemzeti Munkáspárt logo.jpg
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The National Labour Party (Hungarian: Nemzeti Munkáspárt) is a far-right, radical nationalist political party in Hungary based in Győr. It has a National socialist and radicalist ideology. Tha party was founded by Péter Fodor on 28 January 2009 and was registered by the Court of Győr-Moson-Sopron County on 25 April 2009.[2]

According to self-definition the party has social ideas in a national basis. However in other opinions the party has a Hungarist ideology,[3] furthermore simply Neo-fascist,[4] or Neo-Nazi[5] organization. They reject the latter attributives[6] and successfully ask for rectification of the press.[7] Many similarities between the objectives of the Hungarian branch of the radical extremist ideology.

The party's flag - red colour, white circle and high cross - is very similar to the flag of Nazi Party.


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