National Land Survey of Finland

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National Land Survey of Finland
NLS Finland office in Oulu.JPG
The regional National Land Survey office in Oulu.
Agency overview
Formed 1812 (1812)
Jurisdiction Government of Finland
Headquarters Opastinsilta 12 C, Helsinki
60°11′57″N 024°56′11″E / 60.19917°N 24.93639°E / 60.19917; 24.93639
Employees 1,761
Annual budget €127 million (2010)
Agency executive Jarmo Ratia, Director General
Parent agency Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
[1] [2]

The National Land Survey of Finland (Finnish: Maanmittauslaitos, Swedish: Lantmäteriverket) is an official body, dealing with cartography and cadastre issues in Finland. It is subordinated the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

On May 1, 2012 the National Land Survey opened its topographic datasets for free use.[1]


The current director is Jarmo Ratia.[2] The National Land Survey employs some 1,850 people and is organizationally divided into six service and production units that serve the entire country. There are also 12 regional offices[3]

The National Land Survey deals both with cartographic and cadastre questions, and upholds a national Geographic Information System. Furthermore, the NLS provides services concerning land, environment and buildings. The main customer is the private sector.[3]

Directors General[edit]

  • Abraham Nordenstedt 1812–1820
  • Abraham Joachim Molander 1821–1828
  • Carl Gustaf Tawaststjerna 1828–1843
  • Jonas Ferdinand Bergenheim 1843–1845
  • Alexander Rechenberg 1847–1854
  • Clas Wilhelm Gyldèn 1854–1872
  • Berndt Otto Nymalm 1872–1887
  • Jaakko Sjölin 1887–1915
  • Otto Sarvi 1915–1917
  • Kyösti Haataja 1917–1929
  • Väinö Ahla 1929–1950
  • Väinö V. Seppälä 1950–1960
  • Viljo Niskanen 1960–1972
  • Lauri Kantee 1972–1991
  • Jarmo Ratia 1991–1999
  • Pauli Karvinen 1999–2000
  • Jarmo Ratia 2000–



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