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The National Library of Guatemala (Biblioteca Nacional) is the national library of Guatemala. It is located in Zone 1 of Guatemala City near the National Palace of Guatemala.

It opened on October 18, 1879 in the building of the Economic Society, with about 15,000 volumes. It was then moved to the Hall of the University of San Carlos. After the earthquakes of 1917-18 it was moved back to No. 3-37 Avenida Simeon Canas in Zone 2. He later moved to the 10th. Calle 9-31 in Zone 1 and finally in September 1957 it opened in the building where it stands today, with an area of 7858 m2. The interior walls contain representations of Mayan codices, designed by Antonio Tejada Fonseca, Guillermo Grajeda Mena and José Antonio Oliverio. Concrete reliefs on the facade of the building are the work of Efraín Recinos.

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