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Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
(National Library of Malaysia)
KL-national library.JPG
Country Malaysia
Established 1956
Location Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates 3°10′13″N 101°42′40″E / 3.170368°N 101.711207°E / 3.170368; 101.711207
Size 6,143,897
Other information
Director Dato' Raslin bin Abu Bakar
Staff 500 (2013)

The National Library of Malaysia (Malay: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) (PNM) is a MS ISO 9001:2008 certified library establish under the National Library Act 1972 (Act 80). Its building design is based on the concept of the traditional Malay headgear the Tengkolok which is a symbol of intellectual pride and respect in Malaysian culture. The tiles on the roof are also unique containing patterns inspired by the Kain Songket (traditional hand woven cloth).

The National Library is responsible for providing a collection of knowledge at national level for the present and future generations. In its effort to strengthen the library’s collection, the National Library continues to play an active role in its acquisition of library materials through enforcement of the Deposit of Library Material Act 1986, acquisition, gift and exchange. The National Library total collection is 4.05 million units of which 3.85 million are printed materials, 98,364 non-printed materials, 4,660 Malay Manuscript and 95,984 digital materials. NLM’s digital content can be access via

The pride of the National Library’s collection is the Malaysiana Collection. It comprises library materials published in Malaysia and overseas whose whole or larger part of the content is related to the publications date or the language used. Another national intellectual heritage is the Malay Manuscripts and the Hikayat Hang Tuah has been acknowledged by UNESCO in the “Memory of the World Register”.

Vision, Mission and Objective[edit]


The National Library of Malaysia as a world class leader in library development, services and leadership.


  • To lead in library development and library services.
  • To be a centre of excellence for national heritage.
  • To manage and provide easy access national information resources.
  • To inculcate reading habit among Malaysians.


  • To make available for the use of present and future generation a national collection of library resources;
  • To facilitate nation wide access to library resources available within the country and abroad ; and
  • To provide leadership on matters pertaining to libraries.


The main function of the National Library of Malaysia is divided into three (3) main activity that is Management Activity,Library Development Activity and Information Services Activity. Each Activities supported by sub-activity or division to achieve its goals and objectives of the National Library of Malaysia.

(a) Management Activity

  • Management and Human Resource
  • Planning and Corporate Communications

(b) Library Development Activity

  • Information Knowledge Network
  • National Collection Development and Documentation

(c) Library Services Activity

  • Malaysiana Services
  • General Information Services
  • PERDANA Services


  • Book Collections
  • Serial Publications
  • Conference Papers
  • Newspapers
  • Map
  • Electronic Media Collections
  • Manuscripts
  • Special Collections
  • Malaysiana : Private Collection
  • Malaysiana : Ephermeral Collections
  • Malaysiana : Limited Collection/Classified/Banned
  • Non Malaysiana : Harvard Collection
  • Non Malaysiana : ASEAN Collection
  • Non Malaysiana: United Nations Collection
  • Commercial Databases

The Hikayat Hang Tuah held by the library is on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.


The architectural firm responsible for the design of the National Library of Malaysia's building at Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur is Kumpulan Akitek.

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