National Premier League

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National Premier League
Red Stripe Premier League Logo.png
Country Jamaica Jamaica
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 1973
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to KSAFA Super League
South Central Confederation Super League
Eastern Confederation Super League
Western Confederation Super League
Domestic cup(s) JFF Champions Cup
International cup(s) CFU Club Championship
CONCACAF Champions League
Current champions Montego Bay United F.C.
Most championships Portmore United F.C.
Santos F.C.
Tivoli Gardens F.C.
(5 titles each)
Current season

The National Premier League, also known as the Jamaican National Premier League and, for sponsorship purposes, the Red Stripe Premier League[1] or previously the Digicel Premier League or Wray and Nephew National Premier League, is the first division football league in the nation of Jamaica. Twelve teams currently compete in the league.[2]


The National Premier League was formed in 1973 to serve as the top tier of Jamaican professional football. To date, the NPL has produced three Caribbean championships, won by Portmore United F.C. (2005) and Harbour View F.C. (2004 & 2007).[citation needed]

Competition format[edit]

The competition is divided in three stages in which every team plays another once; after the third stage (i.e. after 33 games) the top six teams will be placed in one group and the bottom six in another. The top six teams will play against each other in the fourth round, with the top team being crowned champions. The bottom six teams will also only play against each other with no chance of winning the title. The bottom 2 are then relegated and 2 teams from a play-off of the 4 regional league winners are promoted.

The top two teams from the league qualify for the CFU Club Championship, and the bottom two are relegated at the end of the season. NPL teams are also eligible to compete in the regional championship, the CONCACAF Champions League, by earning a top 3 finish in the CFU Club Championship.

Member teams 2013/14[edit]

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Member teams 2012/13[edit]

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Member teams 2011/12[edit]

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Member teams 2010/11[edit]

Relegated in 2010/11[edit]

Member teams 2009/10[edit]

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Source: RSSSF

Top scorers[edit]

Year Best scorers Team Goals
2002/03 Jamaica Roen Nelson Hazard United F.C. 19
2003/04 Jamaica Fabian Taylor Harbour View F.C. 19
2004/05 Jamaica Christopher Nicholas Tivoli Gardens F.C. 25
2005/06 Jamaica Kevin Lamey Waterhouse F.C. 22
2006/07 Jamaica Irvino English Waterhouse F.C. 18
2007/08 Jamaica Roen Nelson Portmore United F.C. 16
2008/09 Jamaica Devon Hodges Rivoli United F.C. 24
2009/10 Jamaica Devon Hodges Rivoli United F.C. 18
2010/11 Jamaica Kirk Ramsey Arnett Gardens F.C. 17
2011/12 Jamaica Jermaine Anderson Waterhouse F.C. 14
2012/13 Jamaica Jermaine Anderson Waterhouse F.C. 21

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