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For Russian government economic program, see National Priority Projects

National Priorities Project (NPP) is an American non-governmental organization founded in 1983. NPP’s mission is to make federal budgets transparent and accessible so that citizens can engage in overseeing and influencing how their tax dollars are spent.


The National Priorities Project began in 1983 to help community groups understand and respond to federal budget cuts in Massachusetts communities.

Hampered by a lack of information on how federal policies affected local communities, NPP built a coalition of community groups in Western Massachusetts that created the first-ever analysis of the impact of spending policies at the congressional district level. They found that over a two-year period, the First Congressional District had lost over $54 million in housing, education, health care and other monies.

Shocked by this report, the district’s Congressperson, Silvio Conte, became a strong supporter of more federal spending for community-based programs and came out against a “balanced budget amendment” that slashed the federal safety net.

Current actions[edit]

See NPP's annual publications: Use NPP's tools: Visit NPP's Federal Priorities Database to get county-level spending information: Build your capacity to use NPP's information: