National Rally for Democracy (Algeria)

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National Rally for Democracy
Secretary-General Ahmed Ouyahia
Founded February 21, 1997
Headquarters Les Asphodèles 10, Ben Aknoun, Algiers
Youth wing RND Youth
Ideology Liberalism[1]
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Colors Green, Red
People's National Assembly
68 / 462
Politics of Algeria
Political parties

The National Rally for Democracy (Arabic: التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي‎, French: Rassemblement National Démocratique, thus RND) is a political party in Algeria. It is led by former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.

The RND was founded on February 21, 1997. The party held its Second Congress on May 15–17, 2003.[2]

In the 2002 parliamentary election it polled 9.5% of the vote, winning 47 of 380 seats in the Algerian Parliament (down from 156). In the 2007 election it obtained 10.33% of the vote and 61 seats out of the 389 seats.

The RND is a member of a three party political alliance, called the presidential alliance, created in 2005, and comprising the parties known as Movement for the Society of Peace (Hamas) and the former single legal party, National Liberation Front (FLN). It is loyal to the current President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

RND Secretary-General Ahmed Ouyahia was appointed as Prime Minister on June 23, 2008.[3]


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