National Rally for Development and Progress

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The National Rally for Development and Progress (French: Rassemblement national pour le développement et le progrès, also known as VIVA) is a political party in Chad, led by Delwa Kassiré Koumakoye. It was founded in early 1992,[1] with Koumakoye as its President.[2]

In the parliamentary election held on 21 April 2002, the party won five out of 155 seats;[3] all five of these were in Kélo constituency in Tandjilé Ouest Department, where the party won all of the available seats.[4] In the May 2006 presidential election, its candidate, Koumakoye, won 15.13% of the vote.[5] Koumakoye was Prime Minister from February 2007 to April 2008.


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