National Register of Historic Places listings at colleges and universities in the United States

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This is an incomplete list of historic properties and districts at United States colleges and universities that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). This includes National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) and other National Register of Historic Places listings. It includes listings at current and former educational institutions.

The main list is organized by institution name. A second list of NHLs at colleges and universities is organized by state.

Of the colleges and universities listed here, the University of California, Berkeley, has the most NRHP listings, with 22, including one NHL. Tied for second are Harvard University with 17 NRHP listing including two historic districts and five NHLs, and the University of Florida which has 17, including one historic district with 14 contributing properties. The University of Wisconsin–Madison has the third most identified sites, with 16, of which four are NHLs.

NRHPs by college or university[edit]

Abilene Christian University[edit]

In Abilene, Texas

Alabama A&M University[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Historic District
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Historic District
December 31, 2001
Chase Rd.
34°46′43″N 86°34′18″W / 34.778611°N 86.571667°W / 34.778611; -86.571667 (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Historic District)
Normal, Alabama

Alabama State University[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Alabama State University Historic District ASU Bibb Graves Hall June 09 02.jpg October 8, 1998 915 S. Jackson St.
32°21′51″N 86°17′51″W / 32.36417°N 86.29750°W / 32.36417; -86.29750 (Alabama State University Historic District)
Montgomery, Alabama

University of Alabama[edit]

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Alcorn State University[edit]

In Lorman, Mississippi, this university has 2 (1 NHL):

Alderson Broaddus University[edit]

In Philippi, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Whitescarver Hall
Whitescarver Hall
February 5, 1990
Circle Dr. on the Alderson Broaddus University campus
39°09′36″N 80°02′26″W / 39.16°N 80.040556°W / 39.16; -80.040556 (Whitescarver Hall)

Allen University[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Allen University Historic District Chappelle Administration Building April 14, 1975 1530 Harden St.
34°0′38″N 81°1′14″W / 34.01056°N 81.02056°W / 34.01056; -81.02056 (Allen University)
Columbia, South Carolina
2 Chappelle Administration Building Chappelle Administration Building December 8, 1976 1530 Harden St.
34°0′39″N 81°1′16″W / 34.01083°N 81.02111°W / 34.01083; -81.02111 (Chapelle Administration Building)
Columbia, South Carolina

Institute of American Indian Arts[edit]

In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Anderson University[edit]

In Anderson, South Carolina

Andover Newton Theological School[edit]

In Newton, Massachusetts has:

Arcadia University[edit]

In Glenside, Pennsylvania

University of Arizona[edit]

In Tucson, Arizona

Arkansas Baptist College[edit]

In Little Rock, Arkansas

University of Arkansas[edit]

In Fayetteville, Arkansas

University of the Arts[edit]

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Asbury University[edit]

In Louisville, Kentucky

Athens State University[edit]

In Athens, Alabama

Auburn University[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Auburn Players Theater
Auburn Players Theater
May 22, 1973
139 S. College Street
32°36′17″N 85°28′51″W / 32.604722°N 85.480833°W / 32.604722; -85.480833 (Auburn Players Theater)
Auburn, Alabama
2 Auburn University Historic District AuburnUniversity-SamfordHall.jpg June 3, 1976 Auburn University campus
32°36′17″N 85°28′58″W / 32.60472°N 85.48278°W / 32.60472; -85.48278 (Auburn University Historic District)
Auburn, Alabama
3 Cullars Rotation
Cullars Rotation
April 18, 2003
Woodfield Dr., east of U.S. Route 29
32°35′19″N 85°29′01″W / 32.588611°N 85.483611°W / 32.588611; -85.483611 (Cullars Rotation)
Auburn, Alabama
4 Old President's Mansion
Old President's Mansion
August 29, 2003
277 W. Thach Ave. on the Auburn University campus
32°36′12″N 85°29′06″W / 32.603333°N 85.485°W / 32.603333; -85.485 (Old President's Mansion)
Auburn, Alabama
5 Old Rotation
Old Rotation
January 14, 1988
Auburn University campus
32°35′36″N 85°29′09″W / 32.593333°N 85.485833°W / 32.593333; -85.485833 (Old Rotation)
Auburn, Alabama

Augsburg College[edit]

In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Augusta State University[edit]

In Augusta, Georgia

Augustana College[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 House on the Hill Weyerhaeuser House RI IL.jpg September 11, 1975 3052 10th Ave.
41°30′5″N 90°33′19″W / 41.50139°N 90.55528°W / 41.50139; -90.55528 (House on the Hill)
Rock Island, Illinois Listed as the Weyerhaeuser House.
2 Old Main Old Main Augustana.jpg September 11, 1975 7th Ave. between 35th and 38th Sts.
41°30′15″N 90°32′58″W / 41.50417°N 90.54944°W / 41.50417; -90.54944 (Old Main)
Rock Island, Illinois

Aurora University[edit]

In Aurora, Illinois

Baldwin Wallace University[edit]

In Berea, Ohio

Ball State University[edit]

In Muncie, Indiana

Barber–Scotia College[edit]

In Concord, North Carolina

Bates College[edit]

In Lewiston, Maine

Beth College[edit]

In North Newton, Kansas

Belmont Abbey College[edit]

In Belmont, North Carolina

Benedict College[edit]

In Columbia, South Carolina

Bennett College[edit]

In Greensboro, North Carolina

Berea College[edit]

In Berea, Kentucky

Bethany College (Bethany, West Virginia)[edit]

In Bethany, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register[2] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Alexander Campbell Mansion
Alexander Campbell Mansion
October 15, 1970
East of Bethany on West Virginia Route 67
40°12′27″N 80°32′51″W / 40.2075°N 80.5475°W / 40.2075; -80.5475 (Alexander Campbell Mansion)
2 Old Main, Bethany College
Old Main, Bethany College
August 25, 1970
Bethany College campus
40°12′21″N 80°33′37″W / 40.205833°N 80.560278°W / 40.205833; -80.560278 (Old Main, Bethany College)
3 Pendleton Heights
Pendleton Heights
June 26, 1975
Bethany College campus
40°12′24″N 80°33′35″W / 40.206667°N 80.559722°W / 40.206667; -80.559722 (Pendleton Heights)

Bethune-Cookman University[edit]

In Daytona Beach, Florida

Birmingham–Southern College[edit]

In Birmingham, Alabama

Blue Mountain College[edit]

In Blue Mountain, Mississippi

Bluefield State College[edit]

In Bluefield, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 President's House, Bluefield State College Upload image
December 3, 1999
Rock St.
37°16′04″N 81°14′09″W / 37.267778°N 81.235833°W / 37.267778; -81.235833 (President's House, Bluefield State College)

Brandeis University[edit]

In Waltham, Massachusetts

Brown University[edit]

In Providence, Rhode Island

Boston College[edit]

In Chestnut Hill, Newton, Massachusetts

Bowdoin College[edit]

In Brunswick, Maine

Bryn Mawr College[edit]

In Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Butler University[edit]

In Indianapolis, Indiana:

California University of Pennsylvania[edit]

In California, Pennsylvania

University of California, Berkeley[edit]

In Berkeley, CA, has

California State University, Long Beach[edit]

In Long Beach, California

Carleton College[edit]

In Northfield, Minnesota has 4:

For more details on this topic, see Carleton College § Historic sites.

Case Western Reserve University[edit]

In Cleveland, Ohio

College of St. Catherine[edit]

In Saint Paul, Minnesota

Centenary College of Louisiana[edit]

In Jackson, Louisiana

University of Central Arkansas[edit]

In Conway, Arkansas

Centre College[edit]

In Danville, Kentucky:

University of Chicago[edit]

In Chicago, Illinois

University of Cincinnati[edit]

In Cincinnati, Ohio

Claflin University[edit]

In Orangeburg, South Carolina

Clark University[edit]

In Worcester, Massachusetts

Clemson University[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Clemson College Sheep Barn Clemson College Sheep Barn January 4, 1990 S. Palmetto Boulevard on the Clemson University campus
34°40′36″N 82°49′50″W / 34.67667°N 82.83056°W / 34.67667; -82.83056 (Clemson College Sheep Barn)
Clemson, South Carolina Built in 1915, it is the oldest extant agricultural building on campus.
2 Clemson University Historic District I Tillman Hall, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina January 4, 1990 Northern portion of campus along U.S. Route 76
34°40′47″N 82°50′4″W / 34.67972°N 82.83444°W / 34.67972; -82.83444 (Clemson University Historic District I)
Clemson, South Carolina Collection of some of Clemson's original building located along the northern edge of campus. Contributing properties include: Tillman Hall (1893), Godfey Hall (1898), Bowman Field (1900), Sikes Hall (1905), Holtendorff Hall (1916), Trustees’ Park (c.1925), Long Hall (1937), and Mell Hall (1939).
3 Clemson University Historic District II Amphitheater, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina January 4, 1990 Center of campus
34°40′40″N 82°50′18″W / 34.67778°N 82.83833°W / 34.67778; -82.83833 (Clemson University Historic District II)
Clemson, South Carolina Located in the central part of campus. Contributing properties include: Fort Hill (c.1830), John C. Calhoun Office (c. 1825), Hardin Hall (1890), the Trustee House (1904), Riggs Hall (1927), Sirrine Hall (1938), and the Outdoor Theater (1940).
4 Fort Hill Fort Hill, Clemson Campus October 15, 1966 Clemson University campus
34°40′40″N 82°50′21″W / 34.67778°N 82.83917°W / 34.67778; -82.83917 (Fort Hill)
Clemson, South Carolina John C. Calhoun's original plantation house, later passed down to his daughter and Thomas Greene Clemson. Today, the house serves as a museum.
5 Hanover House Hanover House, Clemson, South Carolina June 5, 1970 Clemson University campus
34°40′35″N 82°49′52″W / 34.67639°N 82.83111°W / 34.67639; -82.83111 (Hanover House)
Clemson, South Carolina This 1710s house originally built in Berkeley County, but was moved to Clemson in the 1940s due to the creation of Lake Moultrie.
6 Structural Science Building Lowry Hall at Clemson University April 5, 2010 Palmetto Boulevard and Fernow Drive
34°40′30.5″N 82°50′18″W / 34.675139°N 82.83833°W / 34.675139; -82.83833 (Structural Science Building)
Clemson, South Carolina Lee and Lowry Halls were built in 1958, and heralded the style of Clemson's building expansion of the 1960s and 1970s. They were designed by the Dean of the College of Architecture, Harlan Ewart McClure, who also played an important role in the desegregation of the university in 1963.

College of Charleston[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 College of Charleston Complex 1940 picture from HABS of the Main building November 11, 1971 Glebe, George, St. Philip, and Green Sts.
32°47′4″N 79°56′15″W / 32.78444°N 79.93750°W / 32.78444; -79.93750 (College of Charleston)
Charleston, South Carolina

Colgate University[edit]

In Hamilton, New York

Columbia University[edit]

In New York, NY has at least 3 (3 NHLs):

Concordia College[edit]

In Moorhead, Minnesota has 1:

University of Connecticut[edit]

In Mansfield, Connecticut

Cooper Union[edit]

In New York, New York (NHL)

Cornell University[edit]

In Ithaca, New York, has 10 (1 NHL):

In addition, East Robert Hall, Roberts Hall, and Stone Hall are former buildings that are still listed on the National Register despite having been demolished. See Cornell University#Historic Sites for how these are described in the article about the university.

Davidson College[edit]

In Davidson, North Carolina

Davis & Elkins College[edit]

In Elkins, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register[2] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Albert and Liberal Arts Halls Upload image
August 29, 1979
Davis and Elkins College campus
38°55′49″N 79°50′46″W / 38.930278°N 79.846111°W / 38.930278; -79.846111 (Albert and Liberal Arts Halls)
2 Davis and Elkins Historic District Upload image
June 19, 1996
Davis and Elkins College campus
38°55′48″N 79°50′50″W / 38.93°N 79.847222°W / 38.93; -79.847222 (Davis and Elkins Historic District)
3 Senator Stephen Benton Elkins House Upload image
September 2, 1982
Davis and Elkins College campus
38°55′51″N 79°50′50″W / 38.930833°N 79.847222°W / 38.930833; -79.847222 (Senator Stephen Benton Elkins House)
4 Graceland Upload image
September 17, 1970
Davis and Elkins College campus
38°55′51″N 79°50′57″W / 38.930833°N 79.849167°W / 38.930833; -79.849167 (Graceland)

Dakota Wesleyan University[edit]

In Mitchell, South Dakota, the entire university, apparently, is NRHP-listed.

Dickinson College[edit]

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania:

Dixie State College of Utah[edit]

In St. George, Utah

Doane College[edit]

In Crete, Nebraska

Drake University[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Drake University Campus Historic District Oldmaindrake.jpg September 8, 1988 Roughly two blocks along University Ave. near 25th St.
41°36′03″N 93°39′07″W / 41.60083°N 93.65194°W / 41.60083; -93.65194 (Drake University)
Des Moines, Iowa

Drexel University[edit]

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drury University[edit]

In Springfield, Missouri

Earlham College[edit]

In Richmond, Indiana:

Eastern Illinois University[edit]

In Charleston, Illinois

Eastern Michigan University[edit]

In Ypsilanti, Michigan

Eastern Oregon University[edit]

In La Grande, Oregon:

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location Municipality Summary
1 Academy Hall Academy Hall, Edinboro University.jpg November 21, 2006 Junction of High and Normal Streets
41°52′19.3″N 80°7′41.2″W / 41.872028°N 80.128111°W / 41.872028; -80.128111 (Academy Hall)
Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Edward Waters College[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Centennial Hall at Edward Waters College Jax FL Centennial Hall01.jpg May 4, 1976 1715 Kings Road[5]
30°20′40″N 81°41′4″W / 30.34444°N 81.68444°W / 30.34444; -81.68444 (Centennial Hall-Edward Waters College)
Jacksonville, Florida

Elmira College[edit]

In Elmira, New York

Emory University[edit]

In Atlanta, Georgia

Emory and Henry College[edit]

In Emory, Virginia

Erskine College[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Erskine College-Due West Historic District Duewest.jpg March 19, 1982 Main, Church, College, Bonner, Hayne, Washington, Cleveland, Depot, and Abbeville Sts.
34°19′45″N 82°23′26″W / 34.32917°N 82.39056°W / 34.32917; -82.39056 (Erskine College-Due West Historic District)
Due West, South Carolina Includes part of the college and part of the town. It has 88 contributing properties.

Eleutherian College[edit]

In Jefferson County, Indiana

Eureka College[edit]

In Eureka, Illinois

University of Evansville[edit]

In Evansville, Indiana

Fairmont State University[edit]

In Fairmont, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Fairmont Normal School Administration Building
Fairmont Normal School Administration Building
March 28, 1994
Junction of Locust Ave. and Bryant St.
39°28′59″N 80°09′37″W / 39.483056°N 80.160278°W / 39.483056; -80.160278 (Fairmont Normal School Administration Building)

Finlandia University[edit]

In Hancock, Michigan

Fisk University[edit]

In Nashville, Tennessee

Florida A&M University[edit]

In Tallahassee, Florida

Florida Institute of Technology (Jensen Beach Campus)[edit]

Tuckahoe atop Mount Elizabeth

In Jensen Beach, Florida The former campus, which was previously the campus of Saint Joseph College of Florida, contains two NRHPs, one sitting on top of the other:

University of Florida[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Anderson Hall Gville UF Anderson02.jpg June 27, 1979 West University Avenue
29°39′5″N 82°20′32″W / 29.65139°N 82.34222°W / 29.65139; -82.34222 (Anderson Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
2 Bryan Hall Gville UF Bryan01.jpg June 27, 1979 West University Avenue and 13th Street
29°39′3″N 82°20′26″W / 29.65083°N 82.34056°W / 29.65083; -82.34056 (Bryan Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
3 Buckman Hall UFHistoricBuildingBuckmanHall.JPG January 11, 1974 Buckman Drive (Southwest 17th Street)
29°39′2″N 82°20′43″W / 29.65056°N 82.34528°W / 29.65056; -82.34528 (Buckman Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
4 Flint Hall Gville UF Flint01.jpg June 27, 1979 West University Avenue
29°39′6″N 82°20′37″W / 29.65167°N 82.34361°W / 29.65167; -82.34361 (Flint Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
5 Griffin-Floyd Hall Gville UF Floyd01.jpg June 27, 1979 University of Florida campus
29°38′59″N 82°20′38″W / 29.64972°N 82.34389°W / 29.64972; -82.34389 (Griffin-Floyd Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
6 The Hub Gville UF Hub01.jpg June 24, 2008 Stadium Road between Buckman Drive and Fletcher Drive
29°38′55″N 82°20′44″W / 29.64861°N 82.34556°W / 29.64861; -82.34556 (Hub, The)
Gainesville, Florida Part of the University of Florida Campus MPS
7 Library East Gville UF Library East01.jpg June 27, 1979 Murphree Way
29°39′2″N 82°20′31″W / 29.65056°N 82.34194°W / 29.65056; -82.34194 (Library East)
Gainesville, Florida
8 Newell Hall Gville UF Newell01.jpg June 27, 1979 Stadium Road
29°38′56″N 82°20′43″W / 29.64889°N 82.34528°W / 29.64889; -82.34528 (Newell Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
9 Old WRUF Radio Station Gville UF Police02.jpg September 21, 1989 Museum Road and Newell Drive
29°39′12″N 82°20′36″W / 29.65333°N 82.34333°W / 29.65333; -82.34333 (Old WRUF Radio Station)
Gainesville, Florida
10 Norman Hall Gville UF Norman entr01a.jpg January 26, 1990 Southwest 13th Street on the University of Florida campus
29°38′48″N 82°20′17″W / 29.64667°N 82.33806°W / 29.64667; -82.33806 (Norman Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
11 Peabody Hall Gville UF Peabody01.jpg June 27, 1979 University of Florida campus
29°38′59″N 82°20′31″W / 29.64972°N 82.34194°W / 29.64972; -82.34194 (Peabody Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
12 Rolfs Hall Gville UF Rolfs01.jpg September 11, 1986 Buckman Drive on the University of Florida campus
29°38′57″N 82°20′30″W / 29.64917°N 82.34167°W / 29.64917; -82.34167 (Rolfs Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
13 Thomas Hall UFHistoricBuildingThomasHall.JPG October 1, 1974 Fletcher Drive on the University of Florida campus
29°39′3″N 82°20′46″W / 29.65083°N 82.34611°W / 29.65083; -82.34611 (Thomas Hall)
Gainesville, Florida
14 University of Florida Campus Historic District Gville UF Auditorium04.jpg April 20, 1989 Bounded by West University Avenue, Southwest 13th Street, Stadium Road, and North-South Drive
29°39′1″N 82°20′38″W / 29.65028°N 82.34389°W / 29.65028; -82.34389 (University of Florida Campus Historic District)
Gainesville, Florida
15 Weil Hall Dsg UF Campus Skyline From Stadium 20050507.jpg June 24, 2008 Stadium Road and Gale Lemerand Drive (North-South Drive)
29°38′54″N 82°20′53″W / 29.64833°N 82.34806°W / 29.64833; -82.34806 (Engineering Industries Building)
Gainesville, Florida part of the University of Florida Campus MPS
16 Women's Gymnasium UFHistoricBuildingUstlerHall.JPG June 27, 1979 East-West Road
29°39′1″N 82°20′49″W / 29.65028°N 82.34694°W / 29.65028; -82.34694 (Women's Gymnasium)
Gainesville, Florida
17 Yulee-Mallory-Reid Dormitory Complex Gville UF Reid01.jpg June 24, 2008 13th Street and Inner Road, SW.
29°38′50″N 82°20′28″W / 29.64722°N 82.34111°W / 29.64722; -82.34111 (Yulee-Mallory-Reid Dormitory Complex)
Gainesville, Florida Part of the University of Florida Campus MPS

University of Florida Campus Historic District has the following contributing properties:

Florida Southern College[edit]

In Lakeland, Florida

Framingham State College[edit]

In Framingham, Massachusetts

Franklin College[edit]

In Franklin, Indiana

Franklin & Marshall College[edit]

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Gallaudet University[edit]

In Washington, D.C. has 3:

George Fox University[edit]

In Newberg, Oregon

Georgetown College[edit]

In Georgetown, Kentucky

Georgetown University[edit]

In Washington, D.C. has 2 (1 NHL):

Georgia College & State University[edit]

In Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology[edit]

In Atlanta, Georgia

University of Georgia[edit]

In Athens, Georgia

In addition, Garden Club of Georgia Museum-Headquarters House, Founder's Memorial Garden and Gov. Wilson Lumpkin House are on the campus and may be part of the University of Georgia.

Georgia State University[edit]

In Atlanta, Georgia

Georgian Court University[edit]

In Lakewood, New Jersey

  • Georgian Court (NHL)

Gettysburg College[edit]

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Grand View University[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Old Main The Humphrey Center at Grand View.jpg May 23, 1978 1200 Grandview Ave.
41°37′15″N 93°36′15″W / 41.62083°N 93.60417°W / 41.62083; -93.60417 (Humphrey Center)
Des Moines, Iowa Now known as the Humphrey Center.

Greenville College[edit]

In Greenville, Illinois

Guilford College[edit]

In Greensboro, North Carolina

Gustavus Adolphus College[edit]

In St. Peter, Minnesota has 1:

Hamilton College[edit]

In Clinton, New York

Hampton University[edit]

In Hampton, Virginia (NHL)

Hampden–Sydney College[edit]

In Hampden-Sydney, Virginia

Hanover College[edit]

In Hanover, Indiana

Hardin–Simmons University[edit]

In Abilene, Texas

Harris–Stowe State University[edit]

In St. Louis, Missouri

Hartwick College[edit]

In Oneonta, New York

Harvard University[edit]

In Cambridge, Massachusetts

Haskell Indian Nations University[edit]

In Lawrence, Kansas

Heidelberg University[edit]

In Tiffin, Ohio

Hendrix College[edit]

In Conway, Arkansas

College of Holy Cross[edit]

In Worcester, Massachusetts

Huntingdon College[edit]

In Montgomery, Alabama

Huston–Tillotson University[edit]

In Austin, Texas

Illinois Institute of Technology[edit]

In Chicago, Illinois

Illinois College[edit]

In Jacksonville, Illinois

Indiana University (Bloomington)[edit]

In Bloomington, Indiana

Illinois State University[edit]

In Normal, Illinois

University of Illinois at Chicago[edit]

Chicago, Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[edit]

has 2 NHL and four other NRHPs:

University of the Incarnate Word[edit]

In San Antonio, Texas

Iowa State University[edit]

In Ames, Iowa

University of Iowa[edit]

In Iowa City, IA has 1 NHL and 1 other NRHP:

Iowa Wesleyan College[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Harlan-Lincoln House May 25, 1973 101 W. Broad St.
40°58′18″N 91°32′57″W / 40.97167°N 91.54917°W / 40.97167; -91.54917 (Humphrey Center)
Mount Pleasant, Iowa Formerly served as the college president's house, an administrative building and it housed the art department. It is now a museum.
2 Old Main Old Main, Iowa Wesleyan College.jpg March 26, 1973 Iowa Wesleyan College campus
40°58′31″N 91°32′34″W / 40.97528°N 91.54278°W / 40.97528; -91.54278 (Old Main)
Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Johns Hopkins University[edit]

In Baltimore, Maryland

Johnson C. Smith University[edit]

In Charlotte, North Carolina

Judson College[edit]

In Marion, Alabama

Kansas State University[edit]

In Manhattan, Kansas

Kenyon College[edit]

In Gambier, Ohio

Knox College (Illinois)[edit]

In Galesburg, Illinois:

LaGrange College[edit]

In LaGrange, Georgia

Lake Erie College[edit]

In Painesville, Ohio

Lander University[edit]

In Greenwood, South Carolina

Lane College[edit]

In Jackson, Tennessee:

Lewis & Clark College[edit]

In Portland, Oregon:

Limestone College[edit]

In Gaffney, South Carolina

Lincoln Memorial University[edit]

In Knoxville, Tennessee

Lincoln University of Missouri[edit]

In Jefferson City, Missouri

Linfield College[edit]

In McMinnville, Oregon

Louisiana State University[edit]

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

University of Louisville[edit]

In Louisville, Kentucky

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg[edit]

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

University of Maine at Orono[edit]

In Orono, Maine

Manhattanville College[edit]

In Purchase, New York

Mars Hill College[edit]

In Mars Hill, North Carolina

Martin Luther College[edit]

In New Ulm, Minnesota

Mary Baldwin College[edit]

In Staunton, Virginia

Macalester College[edit]

In Saint Paul, Minnesota

Manchester University[edit]

In North Manchester, Indiana

Marycrest College[edit]

In Davenport, Iowa

University of Maryland, Baltimore[edit]

University of Massachusetts Lowell[edit]

In Lowell, Massachusetts

McDaniel College[edit]

In Westminster, Maryland

McMurry College[edit]

In Abilene, Texas

Mercer University[edit]

In Macon, Georgia

Miami University[edit]

In Oxford, Ohio

University of Michigan[edit]

In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan State University[edit]

In East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan Technological University[edit]

In Houghton, Michigan

Middlebury College[edit]

In Middlebury, Vermont

Miles College[edit]

In Fairfield, Alabama

Minnesota State University, Mankato[edit]

In Mankato, Minnesota

University of Minnesota[edit]

In Minneapolis, Minnesota

University of Minnesota Duluth[edit]

University of Minnesota Morris[edit]

In Morris, Minnesota

Minot State University-Bottineau[edit]

In Bottineau, North Dakota

University of Mississippi[edit]

In Oxford, Mississippi

Mississippi State University[edit]

In Starkville, Mississippi

Missouri Western State University[edit]

In St. Joseph, Missouri

University of Missouri[edit]

In Columbia, Missouri

Monmouth College[edit]

In Monmouth, Illinois

Monmouth University[edit]

In West Long Branch, New Jersey

University of Montevallo[edit]

In Montevallo, Alabama

Moore College of Art and Design[edit]

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Morehead State University[edit]

In Morehead, Kentucky

Mundelein College[edit]

In Chicago, Illinois

Murray State University[edit]

In Murray, Kentucky

Nebraska Wesleyan University[edit]

In Lincoln, Nebraska

University of New England[edit]

In Portland, Maine

New Jersey Institute of Technology[edit]

In Newark, New Jersey

New York University[edit]

In New York, New York

University of North Alabama[edit]

In Florence, Alabama

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University[edit]

In Greensboro, North Carolina

North Carolina Central University[edit]

In Durham, North Carolina

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[edit]

University of North Carolina at Pembroke[edit]

In Pembroke, North Carolina

North Dakota State University[edit]

In Fargo, North Dakota

Northeastern University[edit]

In Boston, Massachusetts

Northern Michigan University[edit]

In Marquette, Michigan

Notre Dame College[edit]

In South Euclid, Ohio

  • Its 1927 Administration Building, which once housed the entire college operation, was added to the NRHP as Notre Dame College of Ohio

University of Notre Dame[edit]

In South Bend, Indiana

Notre Dame de Namur University[edit]

In Belmont, California

Oberlin College[edit]

In Oberlin, Ohio

  • the whole thing (NHL)

Ohio University[edit]

In Athens, Ohio

Ohio Wesleyan University[edit]

In Delaware, Ohio

University of Oklahoma[edit]

In Norman, Oklahoma

Oregon State University[edit]

In Corvallis, Oregon

University of Oregon[edit]

In Eugene, Oregon

University of the Ozarks[edit]

In Clarkesville, Arkansas

Pacific University[edit]

In Forest Grove, Oregon

Palmer College of Chiropractic[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 B.J. Palmer House BJ Palmer house davenport iowa.jpg July 27, 1984 808 Brady St.
41°31′34″N 90°34′29″W / 41.52611°N 90.57472°W / 41.52611; -90.57472 (B.J. Palmer House)
Davenport, Iowa
2 Hiram Price/Henry Vollmer House Price-vollmer house davenport iowa.jpg July 7, 1983 723 Brady Street
41°31′39″N 90°34′25″W / 41.52750°N 90.57361°W / 41.52750; -90.57361 (Hiram Price/Henry Vollmer House)
Davenport, Iowa Houses the Office of Strategic Development

Park Region Luther College[edit]

In Fergus Falls, Minnesota

  • the whole thing (84000241)

Peace College[edit]

In Raleigh, North Carolina

University of Pennsylvania[edit]

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh[edit]

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has 3 NRHPs:

University of Portland[edit]

In Portland, Oregon:

Pratt Institute[edit]

In Brooklyn, New York

Princeton University[edit]

In Princeton, New Jersey

Principia College[edit]

In Elsah, Illinois

Randolph College[edit]

In Lynchburg, Virginia

Randolph–Macon College[edit]

In Ashland, Virginia

Red River Valley University[edit]

In Wahpeton, North Dakota

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute[edit]

In Troy, New York

Roanoke College[edit]

In Salem, Virginia

Rollins College[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Knowles Memorial Chapel Rollins College Knowles Chapel04.jpg December 8, 1997 1000 Holt Avenue
28°35′32″N 81°20′54″W / 28.59222°N 81.34833°W / 28.59222; -81.34833 (Knowles Memorial Chapel)
Winter Park, Florida

Rockefeller University[edit]

In New York, NY has 1 NHL:

Roosevelt University[edit]

In Chicago, Illinois

Rutgers University[edit]

In New Brunswick, New Jersey

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Demarest House
Demarest House
August 10, 1977
542 George St.
40°30′07″N 74°26′50″W / 40.501944°N 74.447222°W / 40.501944; -74.447222 (Demarest House)
New Brunswick Built in 1867, now the Center on Violence Against Women and Children, Rutgers University
2 Levi D. Jarrard House
Levi D. Jarrard House
April 22, 1982
George St., Douglass College campus
40°29′11″N 74°26′16″W / 40.486389°N 74.437778°W / 40.486389; -74.437778 (Levi D. Jarrard House)
New Brunswick Known as College Hall, Douglass Campus, Rutgers University
3 New Jersey Hall
New Jersey Hall
February 24, 1975
73 Hamilton St.
Rutgers University

40°29′58″N 74°26′51″W / 40.499444°N 74.4475°W / 40.499444; -74.4475 (New Jersey Hall)
New Brunswick Located on the Voorhees Mall
4 Old Queens, Rutgers University
Old Queens, Rutgers University
May 11, 1976
83 Somerset St.
Rutgers University

40°29′58″N 74°26′51″W / 40.499444°N 74.4475°W / 40.499444; -74.4475 (Old Queens, Rutgers University)
New Brunswick Built 1809–1823. Oldest building at Rutgers University, also part of Queens Campus
5 Queens Campus, Rutgers University
Queens Campus, Rutgers University
July 2, 1973
Bounded by College Ave. and George, Hamilton, and Somerset Sts.
40°29′54″N 74°26′48″W / 40.498333°N 74.446667°W / 40.498333; -74.446667 (Queens Campus, Rutgers University)
New Brunswick Includes Old Queens (1809), Van Nest Hall (1845), Daniel S. Schanck Observatory (1865), Geology Hall (1872), Kirkpatrick Chapel (1873), Winants Hall (1890).
6 Rutgers Preparatory School
Rutgers Preparatory School
July 18, 1975
101 Somerset St.
40°29′52″N 74°26′52″W / 40.497778°N 74.447778°W / 40.497778; -74.447778 (Rutgers Preparatory School)
New Brunswick Designed and built by architect Nicholas Wyckoff, former home (1830–1963) of oldest independent school in New Jersey, established 1766. Building in New Brunswick now known as Alexander Johnston Hall on Rutgers University campus.
7 Wood Lawn
Wood Lawn
March 8, 1978
Clifton Ave. and George St.
40°28′54″N 74°26′01″W / 40.481667°N 74.433611°W / 40.481667; -74.433611 (Wood Lawn)
New Brunswick Now the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Cook/Douglass Campus, Rutgers University

Salem International University[edit]

In Salem, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Salem College Administration Building
Salem College Administration Building
March 30, 1989
223 W. Main St.
39°17′01″N 80°34′02″W / 39.283611°N 80.567222°W / 39.283611; -80.567222 (Salem College Administration Building)

San Diego State University[edit]

In San Diego, California

Santa Fe College[edit]

In Gainesville, Florida

Sheldon Jackson College[edit]

In Sitka, Alaska(NHL)

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania[edit]

In Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Saint Ambrose University[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Ambrose Hall SAU Ambrose Hall 01.JPG July 7, 1983 518 W. Locust St.
41°32′20″N 90°34′51″W / 41.53889°N 90.58083°W / 41.53889; -90.58083 (Ambrose Hall)
Davenport, Iowa
2 Alumni House F.H. Miller House.jpg July 7, 1983 1527 Brady Street
41°32′09″N 90°34′26″W / 41.53583°N 90.57389°W / 41.53583; -90.57389 (Alumni House)
Davenport, Iowa Listed as the F.H. Miller House.

St. Augustine's University[edit]

In Raleigh, North Carolina

St. Benedict's College[edit]

In St. Joseph, Minnesota

Saint Joseph College of Florida[edit]

In Jensen Beach, Florida

St. Lawrence University[edit]

In Canton, New York

St. Olaf College[edit]

In Northfield, Minnesota

St. Edward's University[edit]

In Austin, Texas

Saint Paul's College[edit]

In Lawrenceville, Virginia

Sam Houston State University[edit]

In Huntsville, Texas

Scripps College[edit]

In Claremont, California

Seton Hall University[edit]

In South Orange, New Jersey

Shaw University[edit]

In Raleigh, North Carolina

Simmons College of Kentucky[edit]

In Louisville, Kentucky

Simpson College[edit]

In Indianola, Iowa

Smith College[edit]

In Northampton, Massachusetts

Snow College[edit]

In Ephraim, Utah

South College[edit]

In Knoxville, Tennessee

University of South Carolina[edit]

In Columbia, South Carolina

South Georgia College[edit]

In McRae, Georgia

Southeastern Louisiana University[edit]

In Hammond, Louisiana

Southern Methodist University[edit]

In Dallas, Texas

Southern Utah University[edit]

In Cedar City, Utah

Southwestern University[edit]

In Georgetown, Texas

University of Southern Maine[edit]

In Gorham, Maine

University of Southern Mississippi[edit]

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Spring Hill College[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Sodality Chapel Sodality Chapel.JPG October 18, 1984 Spring Hill College30°41′30″N 88°8′13″W / 30.69167°N 88.13694°W / 30.69167; -88.13694 (Sodality Chapel) Mobile, Alabama
2 Spring Hill College Quadrangle Spring Hill College Quad 01.JPG August 17, 1973 4307 Old Shell Rd.
30°41′35″N 88°8′13″W / 30.69306°N 88.13694°W / 30.69306; -88.13694 (Spring Hill College Quadrangle)
Mobile, Alabama This grouping of structures on the campus of Spring Hill College includes the Renaissance Revival style Administration Building, completed in 1869, and the Gothic Revival style St. Joseph's Chapel, completed in 1910.

Stanford University[edit]

In Palo Alto, California

Stephens College[edit]

In Columbia, Missouri

Stetson University[edit]

In DeLand, Florida

Storer College[edit]

In Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The entire campus of the now closed college is a contributing property to the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Swarthmore College[edit]

In Pennsylvania

Syracuse University[edit]

In Syracuse, NY has 4:

Talladega College[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Swayne Hall Swayne Hall Talladega.jpg December 2, 1974 Talladega College campus
33°25′46″N 86°7′3″W / 33.42944°N 86.11750°W / 33.42944; -86.11750 (Swayne Hall)
Talladega, Alabama
2 Talladega College Historic District August 23, 1990 Junction of Battle St. and Martin Luther King Dr.
33°26′0″N 86°6′51″W / 33.43333°N 86.11417°W / 33.43333; -86.11417 (Talladega College Historic District)
Talladega, Alabama

University of Tampa[edit]

[1] Landmark name[2] Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 Old School House OldSchoolHouseTampa.jpg December 4, 1974 Lafayette Street on the University of Tampa campus
27°56′48″N 82°27′55″W / 27.94667°N 82.46528°W / 27.94667; -82.46528 (Old School House)
Tampa, Florida
2 Tampa Bay Hotel Old Tampa Bay Hotel.jpg December 5, 1972 401 West Kennedy Boulevard
27°56′46″N 82°27′51″W / 27.94611°N 82.46417°W / 27.94611; -82.46417 (Tampa Bay Hotel)
Tampa, Florida

University of Tennessee[edit]

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga[edit]

In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tennessee Technological University[edit]

In Cookeville, Tennessee

Texas Tech University[edit]

In Lubbock, Texas

University of Texas at Austin[edit]

In Austin, Texas

Tougaloo College[edit]

In Madison County, Mississippi

Transylvania University[edit]

In Lexington, Kentucky

Tulane University[edit]

In New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuskegee University[edit]

[1] Site name[2] Image Date listed Location City Summary
1 Grey Columns Grey Columns.jpg January 11, 1980 399 Old Montgomery Rd.
32°25′35″N 85°42′18″W / 32.42639°N 85.70500°W / 32.42639; -85.70500 (Grey Columns)
Tuskegee, Alabama
2 Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site History class at Tuskegee.jpg October 15, 1966 1 mile northwest of Tuskegee on U.S. Route 80
32°25′45″N 85°42′25″W / 32.42917°N 85.70694°W / 32.42917; -85.70694 (Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site)
Tuskegee, Alabama

Union College[edit]

In Schenectady, NY has 1 NHL:

United States Military Academy grounds and facilities[edit]

In Highlands, New York

University of Utah[edit]

In Salt Lake City

Utah State University[edit]

In Logan, Utah

Valparaiso University[edit]

In Valparaiso, Indiana

Vanderbilt University[edit]

In Nashville, Tennessee

Vassar College[edit]

In NY has 2 NHLs:

Virginia Intermont College[edit]

In Bristol, Virginia

Virginia Military Institute[edit]

In Lexington, Virginia

Virginia Union University[edit]

In Richmond, Virginia

Virginia State University[edit]

In Ettrick, Virginia

Virginia University of Lynchburg[edit]

In Lynchburg, Virginia

University of Virginia[edit]

In Charlottesville, Virginia

Voorhees College Historic District[edit]

In Denmark, South Carolina

Washington College[edit]

In Chestertown, Maryland

Washington University[edit]

In Saint Louis, Missouri

Washington and Lee University[edit]

In Lexington, Virginia

Wayne State University[edit]

In Detroit, Michigan

Wells College[edit]

In Aurora, Cayuga County, New York

Wesleyan College[edit]

In Macon, Georgia

Wesleyan University[edit]

In Middletown, CT has 2 NHLs and several other NRHPs:

(Wesleyan University may also own some properties in Broad Street Historic District or other historic districts in Middletown).

West Chester University of Pennsylvania[edit]

In West Chester, Pennsylvania

West Liberty University[edit]

In West Liberty, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Shaw Hall, West Liberty State College
Shaw Hall, West Liberty State College
December 27, 1996
Bethany Pike, approximately 1.25 miles south of junction with Locust Grove Rd.
40°09′56″N 80°36′07″W / 40.165556°N 80.601944°W / 40.165556; -80.601944 (Shaw Hall, West Liberty State College)
West Liberty
2 Shotwell Hall, West Liberty State College Upload image
December 27, 1996
Bethany Pike, approximately 1.25 miles south of junction with Locust Grove Rd.
40°09′47″N 80°36′10″W / 40.163056°N 80.602778°W / 40.163056; -80.602778 (Shotwell Hall, West Liberty State College)
West Liberty

West Virginia State University[edit]

In Institute, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Canty House Upload image
September 23, 1988
WV 25
38°22′57″N 81°45′48″W / 38.3825°N 81.763333°W / 38.3825; -81.763333 (Canty House)
2 East Hall Upload image
September 26, 1988
West Quadrangle, West Virginia State University
38°22′44″N 81°46′07″W / 38.378889°N 81.768611°W / 38.378889; -81.768611 (East Hall)

West Virginia University[edit]

In Morgantown, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register[2] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Men's Hall
Men's Hall
February 5, 1990
Prospect and High Sts.
39°37′59″N 79°57′10″W / 39.633056°N 79.952778°W / 39.633056; -79.952778 (Men's Hall)
2 Elizabeth Moore Hall
Elizabeth Moore Hall
December 19, 1985
University Ave.
39°38′06″N 79°57′20″W / 39.635°N 79.955556°W / 39.635; -79.955556 (Elizabeth Moore Hall)
3 Oglebay Hall
Oglebay Hall
December 19, 1985
University Ave.
39°38′14″N 79°57′16″W / 39.637222°N 79.954444°W / 39.637222; -79.954444 (Oglebay Hall)
4 Stalnaker Hall
Stalnaker Hall
December 19, 1985
Maiden Ln.
39°38′08″N 79°57′11″W / 39.635556°N 79.953056°W / 39.635556; -79.953056 (Stalnaker Hall)
5 Stewart Hall
Stewart Hall
June 25, 1980
West Virginia University campus
39°38′03″N 79°57′16″W / 39.634167°N 79.954444°W / 39.634167; -79.954444 (Stewart Hall)
6 Woodburn Circle
Woodburn Circle
December 4, 1974
University Ave., West Virginia University
39°38′09″N 79°57′35″W / 39.635833°N 79.959722°W / 39.635833; -79.959722 (Woodburn Circle)

West Virginia University Institute of Technology[edit]

In Montgomery, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Main Building
Main Building
June 25, 1980
West Virginia University Institute of Technology campus
38°10′45″N 81°19′31″W / 38.179167°N 81.325278°W / 38.179167; -81.325278 (Main Building)

West Virginia Wesleyan College[edit]

In Buckhannon, West Virginia

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Agnes Howard Hall Upload image
August 18, 1983
West Virginia Wesleyan College campus
38°59′22″N 80°13′13″W / 38.989444°N 80.220278°W / 38.989444; -80.220278 (Agnes Howard Hall)

Western Carolina University[edit]

In Cullowhee, North Carolina

Western Illinois University[edit]

In Macomb, Illinois

Westchester Community College[edit]

In Valhalla, New York

Western Kentucky University[edit]

In Bowling Green, Kentucky

Western Michigan University[edit]

In Kalamazoo, Michigan

Westminster College, Missouri[edit]

In Fulton, Missouri

Westminster College (Utah)[edit]

In Salt Lake City

Willamette University[edit]

In Salem, Oregon

College of William and Mary[edit]

In Williamsburg, Virginia

Wilson College[edit]

In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Winthrop University[edit]

In Rock Hill, South Carolina

University of Wisconsin–La Crosse[edit]

In La Crosse, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin–Madison[edit]

In Madison, Wisconsin has 16 (4 NHLs):

University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh[edit]

In Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Wofford College[edit]

In Spartanburg, South Carolina

College of Wooster[edit]

In Wooster, Ohio

Yale University[edit]

In New Haven, Connecticut has 4 NHLs, and an NRHP historic district:

Grove Street Cemetery and Mory's, both listed on the NRHP, are on the campus but are independent of Yale.

Yankton College[edit]

In Yankton, South Dakota

Young Harris College[edit]

In Young Harris, Georgia

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New Jersey[edit]

New York[edit]

New York State (excluding NYC)[edit]

New York City only[edit]



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West Virginia[edit]


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