National Register of Historic Places listings in Cook County, Minnesota

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Location of Cook County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Cook County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Cook County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 14 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted July 3, 2014.[1]

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 AMBOY and GEORGE SPENCER Shipwreck Sites
AMBOY and GEORGE SPENCER Shipwreck Sites
April 14, 1994
Address Restricted
Schroeder vicinity 1884 wooden bulk freighter and 1874 schooner-barge sunk during the 1905 Mataafa Storm.[4]
2 Bally Blacksmith Shop
Bally Blacksmith Shop
August 13, 1986
Broadway and First Streets
47°45′03″N 90°19′58″W / 47.750712°N 90.332894°W / 47.750712; -90.332894 (Bally Blacksmith Shop)
Grand Marais 1911 false-fronted blacksmith shop.[5]
3 Cascade River Wayside
Cascade River Wayside
August 4, 2003
3481 Minnesota Highway 61
47°42′25″N 90°31′24″W / 47.706913°N 90.523296°W / 47.706913; -90.523296 (Cascade River Wayside)
Cascade River State Park Rustic Style highway wayside built 1934–1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps.[6]
4 Chik Wauk Lodge
Chik Wauk Lodge
June 27, 2007
28 Moose Pond Road
48°10′08″N 90°52′51″W / 48.168778°N 90.880913°W / 48.168778; -90.880913 (Chik Wauk Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity 1933 stone lodge on Saganaga Lake.[7] Now houses a Gunflint Trail Historical Society museum and nature center.[8]
5 Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic
Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic
July 31, 1986
U.S. Route 61
47°45′29″N 90°18′43″W / 47.758056°N 90.311944°W / 47.758056; -90.311944 (Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic)
Grand Marais vicinity 1895 mission church, only surviving structure from the Ojibwe town of Chippewa City.[5] Now a Cook County Historical Society museum.[9]
6 Clearwater Lodge
Clearwater Lodge
December 2, 1985
Off County Road 66
48°04′10″N 90°22′57″W / 48.069444°N 90.3825°W / 48.069444; -90.3825 (Clearwater Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity 1926 log resort built to attract early tourists.[5]
7 Cook County Courthouse
Cook County Courthouse
May 9, 1983
411 Second Street
47°45′09″N 90°20′21″W / 47.752439°N 90.339273°W / 47.752439; -90.339273 (Cook County Courthouse)
Grand Marais 1912 Classical Revival courthouse.[5]
8 Fowl Lake Site
Fowl Lake Site
December 30, 1974
Address Restricted
Hovland vicinity Island site yielding artifacts from the Late Paleo-Indian, Archaic, and Woodland periods. A type site for the Old Copper Complex.[10]
9 Grand Portage National Monument
Grand Portage National Monument
October 15, 1966
Off U.S. Route 61 within Grand Portage Indian Reservation
47°57′45″N 89°41′05″W / 47.962435°N 89.684771°W / 47.962435; -89.684771 (Grand Portage National Monument)
Grand Portage vicinity Site of North West Company fur trading outposts at either end of a 8.5-mile (13.7 km) portage trail, active 1778–1802. Partially reconstructed under the National Park Service.[11]
10 Height of Land
Height of Land
October 18, 1974
Between North and South Lake in the Superior National Forest
48°06′01″N 90°33′58″W / 48.100267°N 90.566037°W / 48.100267; -90.566037 (Height of Land)
Grand Marais vicinity Native American and fur trade-era portage on the Laurentian Divide.[5]
11 Lightkeeper's House
Lightkeeper's House
November 28, 1978
12 South Broadway
47°44′56″N 90°19′58″W / 47.74902°N 90.33272°W / 47.74902; -90.33272 (Lightkeeper's House)
Grand Marais 1896 frame housing for keepers of the Grand Marais Light.[5] Now houses a Cook County Historical Society museum.[12]
12 Naniboujou Club Lodge
Naniboujou Club Lodge
October 21, 1982
U.S. Route 61
47°49′01″N 90°02′57″W / 47.816851°N 90.049278°W / 47.816851; -90.049278 (Naniboujou Club Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity Lodge built 1928–9 with unique Cree-inspired interior design, stemming from one of the most elaborate recreational developments planned in northern Minnesota.[13]
13 Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse
Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse
July 31, 1986
U.S. Route 61
47°32′34″N 90°53′42″W / 47.542686°N 90.894871°W / 47.542686; -90.894871 (Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse)
Schroeder vicinity c. 1900 log housing for employees of a major North Shore lumber company.[5]
14 Jim Scott Fishhouse
Jim Scott Fishhouse
October 23, 1986
U.S. Route 61 at Fifth Avenue
47°44′56″N 90°20′24″W / 47.748823°N 90.339935°W / 47.748823; -90.339935 (Jim Scott Fishhouse)
Grand Marais 1907 frame processing and maintenance building of a commercial fisherman.[5]

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