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For the Colombian singles chart, see National-Report.
National Report
Type Fake news
Format Website
Publisher Allen Montgomery
Editor-in-chief Nigel Covington[1]
Launched 2013

National Report is a website which posts fictional articles related to world events.[2][3] It is described by as a fake news site,[4] by as a satirical site[5] and by Caitlin Dewey of the Washington Post as part of a fake-news industry, making profits from "duping gullible Internet users with deceptively newsy headlines."[6] It is self-described as a "news and political satire web publication" containing "presumably fake news."[7]

Stories from the National Report have been taken seriously by third parties such as Fox News Channel, and the site drew criticism in October 2014 for running a series of fake stories about Ebola outbreaks in the United States,[8] including the false report that the town of Purdon, Texas, has been quarantined after an outbreak.[9][10] The story led to a traffic spike of two million unique visitors, and although the story was debunked by other websites, the original National Report story received six times as many "shares" on social media sites as the debunking stories did.[8]

The National Report carries a disclaimer identifying its content as satire and fake news,[7] but there was no prominent link to this page until late December 2014.[11][12]


In February 2013, National Report was registered as a site.[13]

In 2014, a Facebook interface experiment included the site on a list of those whose stories were flagged as "satire" when appearing on the social network.[14] Craig Silverman of sees National Report as one of several websites which are "not driven by trying to do comedy or satire, but by what kind of fake stuff can we spin up to get shares that earn us money".[9]

List of serious interpretations[edit]

Hoax National Report stories reported as fact by media outlets include:

  • A report that Arizona governor Jan Brewer intended to introduce mandatory gay-to-straight conversion courses into the state's public school system. A spokesman for the governor called the fake article 'vile' and said 'its authors should be ashamed.' Brewer has been a target of gay rights activists because of her efforts to strip same-sex partners of government benefits, and for her stance on making it harder for gay couples to adopt children.[15][16][17]
  • A report that fooled researchers at Fox News Channel, in which the President was purported to have announced his intention to spend his own money to keep a Muslim museum open during a government shutdown.[18] The mistake was featured in a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.[19]
  • A report that that a man in Hanna, Wyoming was the first recipient of a RFID chip which, the report claimed, was part of an Obamacare pilot program.[20]
  • A report published on November 2, 2013 claiming a fictitious Assam Rape Festival created a furor in Indian national and local media. Several newspapers and blogs reported the same.[21][22][23] A police probe in India showed the story originated from Uganda.[24]
  • A report that an invasion of illegal immigrants forcibly took control of the small town of Sarita, Texas.[25]
  • A report published July 15, 2014 claiming that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber would feature on a song on British rock band Radiohead's next album.[26]
  • A report published July 19, 2014 claiming a secret service agent was ordered by Obama to spend $4,000 at a Denver, Colorado marijuana dispensary.[27]
  • A report published August 7, 2014 reporting that a New York City police officer accidentally killed a baby while arresting the nursing mother for breast feeding in public.[28]
  • A report published August 18, 2014 reported that Facebook has created a drug task force that will be working with DEA and local law enforcement to arrest those who discuss using or selling drugs while using the social network. A Facebook spokesperson called the article "spectacularly false," pointing out the Facebook Drug Task Force hotline number listed in the report connects to the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.[29]
  • A report published August 25, 2014 reported that Breaking Bad was coming out with a season 6.[30]
  • A report published August 30, 2014 reported that a 15 year old male had been sentenced to 25 years to life for swatting.[31]
  • A report published September 17, 2014 reported that Dennis Rodman is leaving the United States to talk with leaders of ISIS. Rodman's representative dismissed the claims, saying the retired basketball player is in Hong Kong for business meetings.[32][33][34][35]
  • A report publishing October 20, 2014 claiming that British graffiti artist Banksy was arrested and his identity revealed as National Report's trademark moniker Paul Horner.[36]


Paul Horner was the publication's lead writer;[37] his employment began in October 2014.[36]

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