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Safe Kids USA is the United States' arm of the global network of Safe Kids Worldwide organizations, based in Washington DC.[1] Safe Kids USA has over 300 chapters and coalitions in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico,[2] and has positioned itself as an authority on unintentional childhood injury statistics and prevention.[3][4] The mission of Safe Kids USA, the same as that of Safe Kids Worldwide, is "to prevent accidental childhood injury."[5]


Safe Kids USA achieves this goal through a number of accident-specific prevention and awareness-promoting programs. Some of these programs include:

  • Safe Kids At Home: Partners with the Center for Disease Control to prevent child injury at home, especially in low-income and immigrant groups.[6]
  • Safe Kids Buckle Up: Partners with the General Motors Foundation and corporate sponsors General Motors and Chevrolet to promote vehicle safety for children. This program is the largest of Safe Kids USA's safety programs.[7] In 2007 the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) announced that Safe Kids Buckle Up would be the national client for the 2008 Bateman case study competition. Student teams from PRSSA chapters across the U.S. will research, plan and implement campaigns in their local areas to reiterate safety in and around cars to the 11-14 age group and their families.[8]
  • National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program Certifying Body. Safe Kids, as the Certifying Body, works with NHTSA [9] and the National Child Passenger Safety Board [10] to manage the program that trains Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs).[11]
  • Safe Kids Fire: Partners with First Alert and the United States Fire Administration to help prevent fires and accidents having to do with fires, especially around the home.[12]
  • Safe Kids Ready to Roll: Partners with Bell Sports to keep children safe around bicycles, skates, and other wheel-related injuries.[13]
  • Safe Kids Walk This Way: Partners with FedEx to promote pedestrian safety.[14]

Local coalitions[edit]

Safe Kids programs rely on a grassroots effort by local chapters and coalitions to create action plans that will reach the needs of the community most effectively. Coalitions are formally supported by the Safe Kids USA campaign and are composed of leaders in the community which can include, among other areas, members of the public health, education, media and public safety sectors.[15]

Safe Kids Athens Area[edit]

Safe Kids Athens Area is a coalition of Safe Kids Georgia, founded in 1993. Safe Kids Athens Area recently obtained coalition status, putting it formally under the worldwide organization of Safe Kids Worldwide and giving it the ability to utilize the resources of the worldwide and national organization, Safe Kids USA.

The coalition was originally established as Safe Kids of Georgia in Clarke County, but later changed to Safe Kids Athens Area. The coalition primarily serves Athens and the immediately surrounding counties, but also included all 17 counties correlating with the service area of Athens Regional Medical Center, the lead agency of the coalition.

Safe Kids Athens is led by a group of volunteers called the Safe Team, under the guidance of Evelyn Hanes, Coalition Coordinator. The Safe Team does the largest amount of work for the Safe Kids Athens Area coalition, including planning, goal-setting and decision-making, and their efforts are supported by a number of volunteers from the community. The Safe Team is composed of leaders of the community, including representatives from the sheriff's department, Clarke County public school system, University of Georgia, Northeast Health District, Athens Regional Medical Center, and AIDs Athens. The Safe Team meets monthly and meets with the entire coalition of volunteers quarterly.

In keeping with the Safe Kids Worldwide mission, the Safe Kids Athens coalition's mission is to, "promote changes in attitudes, behaviors, laws and the environment to prevent accidental injury to children."[2] Safe Kids USA focuses on many different types of injury prevention, promoting community-based groups to target specific areas, including child passenger safety, bike safety, pedestrian safety, water safety, fire and burn safety, and poison safety.

Kidsafe related organizations[edit]

The organization was founded as the National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington, DC in 1987 by Herta Feely and Dr. Martin R. Eichelberger at Children's National Medical Center with support from Johnson & Johnson. Dr. C. Everett Koop served as its chairman for its first thirteen years (honorary during his United States Surgeon General tenure).[16][17][18]

Kidsafe is the alternative name for arms of the global network of the Safe Kids Worldwide organizations. Australia, the UK and other countries go by the name "Kidsafe" whereas the US, Canada and some other countries go by the name Safe Kids.

In Australia Kidsafe is the peak non-government, not-for-profit charitable organisation, dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the resulting deaths and disabilities associated with childhood accidents in children under the age of 15 years. Kidsafe was first established in 1979 as the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. State divisions were established soon after. The name Kidsafe was adopted nationally in 1993. In July 2003, the foundation adopted a federated structure, with each of the state branches becoming independently incorporated associations with offices in all Australian Capital cities.

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