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National School of Leadership, IN
National School of Leadership.png
Motto Lead by Choice
Established 2008
Type Private Accredited
Academic staff 41
Location India Pune, Maharastra, India
Campus Urban, 15 acres
Chairman Dr. Satasuryaa K. Sharma

The National School of Leadership (NSL) is the first leadership school of global standards in India focusing solely on leadership sciences. An internationally recognized and accredited institute, NSL's key focus is towards providing education in leadership sciences to students from all tiers and categories of education. The criteria for eligibility is very flexible, with openings for students from science, commerce, and humanities backgrounds. NSL also has, as a stated objective, the national mission to promote leadership education in India, which entails taking the requisite steps to bring leadership education to the masses through the efficient implementation of educational tools and modes of learning.

Founded in 2008 as an educational body registered under the ITA 1882,[1] under Government of IndiaEducation in India, the institute offers degrees from Masters up to Ph.D in leadership as well as executive educational programmes.


Regarding its focus towards the efficient and effective imparting of leadership knowledge and skills, NSL entrusts the teaching and leadership roles within the institution to industry leaders from various spheres, including CEOs of leading multinationals, notable figures from the world of sports and entertainment, professors and leading academicians with multitude of experience in mentoring roles at B-schools, leadership gurus and notable domain specialists from across a diverse range of industry.

NSL Lead India[edit]

To foster its stated mission of bringing leadership education to the masses, the National School of Leadership has initiated the "Lead India" campaign, which primarily focuses on organizing educational camps in rural areas of India. Through the Lead India campaign, both mentors and students of the institute can contribute towards imparting life and leadership skills to the rural population, thereby aiming at building a productive mindset in the rural public, which would ideally enable these populations to increase their efficiency, and subsequently their employability.

Modes of study[edit]

NSL has multiple modes of training and education, including Face to Face interaction, online education, research based study, and the Blended Learning mode - a cognitive neuroscientific technique of education which involves a combination of the best of all the three aforementioned modes of study. A key component of NSL courses is a 5 day interactive session hosted at the NSL campus in Mussoorie, where the students get to interact freely with not just mentors but also among themselves, without any course restrictions. This session aims to build interactivity among the NSL fraternity, offering the opportunity to share and develop upon valuable leadership lessons for all those concerned in this effort.

Consortium for Global Leaders[edit]

The NSL Consortium for Global Leaders (CGL) is a network of global organizations which are associated with NSL in various capacities. The CGL includes large organizations from both India and abroad, including corporate, educational institutes, social organizations, government bodies et cetera. Representatives from CGL organizations are enabled to access NSL Leader’s Room, an online dashboard, and to interact with students, view student e-portfolios, approach them for their hiring requirements, receive inputs from NSL students on their organizational issues, advise students on their growth path, and a host of other functionalities.


Long Duration Programs[edit]

The long term programmes/degrees offered by NSL are fully accredited and recognized internationally.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership[edit]

National School of Leadership’s two year Master of Science (MS) programme is aimed at preparing students from any industry for leadership positions in corporate and other forms of private/public service. This program is focused towards developing a leader’s mindset and strong foundation of management skills in students. This course emphasizes on practical application of key leadership principles in contemporary organizations. A Bachelors Degree or equivalent across any stream and a valid Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT) score are required for one to be eligible for the 2 year MS course.

Executive Master of Science (EMS)in Leadership[edit]

The Executive Master of Science (EMS) course offered by the National School of Leadership is specifically designed for executives seeking a post graduate degree while pursuing their professional careers. Participants can stand to benefit from this programme without taking a career break or committing to fixed weekly classes. The emphasis of this course is on practical application of key leadership principles in contemporary organizations. To be eligible for EMS, one requires a Bachelors Degree or equivalent across any stream, minimum 2 years of work experience in any field and Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT) score.

Research Degrees[edit]

The NSL PhD[edit]

The NSL Doctor of Philosophy programme is focused towards providing students with doctoral level studies in leadership sciences. The goal of NSL in this Doctor of Philosophy is to provide individuals with the training to generate, conserve, and transform the study of leadership sciences. In addition to coursework, the NSL Doctor of Philosophy incorporates a portfolio, a research proposal and a dissertation. As students progress through the program, they are encouraged to make connections between their learning and their planned career, through the application of theories to leadership challenges in their organizations.

The dissertation is aimed at identifying a specific organizational challenge. The students are required to collect necessary data related to the problem identified, analyze the data considering related literature on the topic, following which, from the insights and ideas developed, the students are required to identify solutions to address the core issue of their research. Through this process, the students are expected to demonstrate their ability to generate, conserve and transform leadership knowledge.

The enrollment criteira requires a candidate to have a Masters Degree or equivalent across any stream, NET[2]/SET[3]/JRE or NSL Research Aptitude Test (RAT), Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT) for this course which can be completed in approximately 2 years.


Diploma in Leadership Sciences (DLS)[edit]

The Diploma in Leadership Sciences (DLS) programme offered by NSL is a 6 month course which provides relevant real-world leadership learning, designed to provide students with the guidance essential to excel, take charge and work towards leadership roles in a professional environment. The eligibility required for this course is 10+2 or equivalent.

Advanced Diploma in Leadership Sciences (ADLS)[edit]

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership Sciences (ADLS) power diploma programme offered by NSL is a strategically designed leadership learning module, encapsulating the optimum levels of knowledge and real-time experience required to take up leadership roles in fast-paced, professional environments. Based on cognitive neuro-scientific techniques, this course empowers the students to prove their leadership skills in a demanding work environment, with the ability to achieve maximum output through well-inculcated guidance and leadership techniques. This is a year-long course, with eligibility requirements of 10+2 or equivalent.

Certificate Programmes[edit]

The NSL Certificate Programmes are designed to authenticate knowledge among students and to set them apart from the normal MBA/business studies graduates and post-graduates:

CLT – Certified Leadership Trainer

CLS – Certified Leadership Strategist

CSS – Certified Sales Strategist

CCL – Certified Communications Leader

CST – Certified School Trainer

Corporate Leadership[edit]

NSL provides a number of Corporate Programmes which include Leadership Development Programme, Leadership for CEOs, Disruptive Innovation: Making Competition Irrelevant, Blue Ocean Strategy etc.

School Leadership[edit]

Program for School Children[edit]

Lead by Choice

Program for School Teachers[edit]

Leadership Development Programme

Child Psychology Programme

School Trainer Programme

Certified School Trainer

The Mountain Campus[edit]

The National School of Leadership Mountain Campus is located 10 km away from the Hill town of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India, at an altitude of 4500 ft., in close proximity to the Kempty Falls. The campus is thematically built based on Himalayan Culture and Heritage. Spread across 15 acres, this campus has a substantial training area of over 200 acres of serene land, providing a peaceful ambience for the students to focus on the unlearning-and-learning processes.

The NSL Mountain Campus was established by the Himalayan Adventure Institute in June 1994 with the aim of encouraging youth in developing their interests in outward bound activities such as rock-climbing, exploration treks, forest exploration, mountain expeditions, wilderness survival, nature and environment camps, rescue operations, map reading, navigation, jungle craft, river crossing, study of Himalayan environment and ecology, flora and fauna, studies of mountain village life, cultures etc. NSL has chosen this campus based on the necessity of real-world situations that such environs can provide to the students, towards identifying and building upon leadership skills when faced with challenging situations during the course of their training.

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