National Security Agency (Montenegro)

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National Security Agency

Agencija za Nacionalnu Bezbjednost
National Security Agency (Montenegro).png
Agency overview
Formed May 5, 2005 as the National Security Agency
Preceding Agency May 13, 1944 as the Odjeljenje za zaštitu naroda - OZN (as part of Yugoslavia) later known as "Državna Bezbjednost"
Jurisdiction Government of Montenegro
Headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro
Agency executive Boro Vučinić, Director

The National Security Agency (Montenegrin: Agencija za Nacionalnu Bezbjednost; ANB) is the national security intelligence agency of Montenegro. Its headquarters are located in Podgorica.

ANB collects data and information on potential threats, plans or intentions of organizations, groups or individuals the activities of which are aimed against the territorial integrity, security and the established order guaranteed by the Constitution of Montenegro.

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