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The National Security Law Brief (NSLB) of American University - Washington College of Law founded in April 2009, is Washington, D.C.'s first student-run law school publication to focus on the field of national security law.[1] This non-profit student-run legal publication is a biannual print publication (ISSN 2160-1003) and online blog (ISSN 2160-102) devoted to examining the legal dimensions of United States national security policy.[2] In addition to analyzing traditional security issues such as counterterrorism, intelligence collection, and nuclear proliferation, the NSLB also examines legal matters related to soft power and cybersecurity.

The NSLB’s inaugural print issue was released in the Summer of 2010, and contained national security law articles written by accomplished professors and practitioners, as well as analytical pieces written by current students at American University’s Washington College of Law. The inaugural issue highlighted a number of critical topics in national security law including cyberwarfare, soft power, financial terrorism, and U.S.-Iran relations. NSLB hosts and sponsors symposiums on numerous topics in numerous cities including Washington D.C. at American University and at SMU in Dallas, Texas.[3] NSLB was the focus of a Voice of America program "Tafsir-eh-Khabar" with one of the Brief's Editors-in-Chief, Mora Namdar, speaking on the issue while holding up a copy of the brief.[4]

NSLB has an esteemed group of advisors including Steve Vladeck,[5] an award winning professor and scholar, Michael Carrol,[citation needed] Professor of Law and Director of the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property and founding Board Member of Creative Commons, Daniel Marcus,[6] former General Counsel of the 9-11 Commission, and Dr. Nicholas Kittrie,[7] international law expert and former counsel to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee as well as former Chair of the United Nations Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.


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