National Social Entrepreneurship Forum

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National Social Entrepreneurship Forum
Founded February 2009
Type Non Profit
  • Headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) is an award winning[1] non-profit organization supporting youth-driven social innovations & entrepreneurship in India.


National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) founded by Yashveer Singh[2] and Srikumar Murthy G in the year 2009 at Bangalore, India. Since its inception, NSEF has undertaken social entrepreneurial activities in several academic institutes[3] and cities[4] across India and has worked in collaboration with various organizations such as Villgro, Samhita Social Ventures, NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours Ashoka:_Innovators_for_the_Public#Changemakers, and Sankalp Forum to enable youth-driven social innovations and young social entrepreneurs. NSEF has successfully trained and inspired thousands of students through its programs across India.


  • NSEF Idea Conferences[5] - A platform to educate students about social innovations and to provide them with a launch pad for their social entrepreneurial ideas.
  • NSEF Authors of Change Program[6] - A solutions delivery program for key challenges that social organizations are facing, by connecting them to student talent from across the country through internships.
  • NSEF Fellowship[7] - A support program for students who start social ventures after completing college, to connect them with the resources and network they would need to grow their ventures.


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