National Socialist People's Party of Sweden

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Fascist People's Party of Sweden (in Swedish: Sveriges Fascistiska Folkparti) was a national socialist political party in Sweden. It was founded on September 3, 1926, by a circle around the publication Nationen. Its cadre was made up of members of the Fascist Struggle Organisation of Sweden.

Konrad Hallgren, a former German officer, became the leader of the party. Other important members included Corporal Sven Olov Lindholm and Lieutenant Sven Hedengren.

In 1929 a delegation of the party including Hallgren and Lindholm attended the Parteitag of NSDAP in Nuremberg. After the return from Germany, the party changed its name to National Socialist People's Party of Sweden (Sveriges Nationalsocialistiska Folkparti).

In 1930, the party merged with the Swedish National Socialist Peasants and Workers Party. Later the same year, it merged with the New Swedish People's League, forming the Swedish National Socialist Party.