National Softball League

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National Softball League
Abbreviation NSL
Formation 2009
Type Sports league
Headquarters UK
Official language

The National Softball league or NSL is a co-ed slowpitch softball league created for the beginning of the 2009 British Slowpitch Season (April - September). The inaugural season had 14 teams compete in 3 qualifying events, as well as the Premier Nationals (the top sports championship in the UK).

The teams were:

NSL 2009 league standings[1]
Team points RunsA
Chromies 43 141
Baker Tomkins 41 153
H20 38 113
Pioneers 38 159
Slammers 35 138
Dragons 34 138
Munster 29 151
Los Amos de la Noche 29 214
Niners 25 173
Windsor Knights 22 201
Manchester Marvels 22 214
Coyotes 15 261
Nottingham Arrows 14 250
Solent Mariners 14 299

The concept of the NSL is to improve the top level of co-ed slowpitch softball in the UK by exposing more players and teams to top level competition. Eventually, the NSL organisers hope to have a divisional structure, with promotion and relegation for teams that perform well or not so well.

The league's founders, Roger Grooms and Matthew Slorach, came up with the idea to link the already existing tournaments into a series, where points were awarded based on the finishing positions of teams at each event. The benefits of this series that have already been seen are 14 teams competing at the 2009 Premier Nationals (up from 7 teams at the 2008 A Nationals, which they replaced), increased interest from sponsors in the sport, and television coverage of the final at the Bristol tournament.

The hope for the 2010 season is to expand the NSL to 16 teams, potentially split into 2 divisions, based on the 2009 results.


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