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The Montserrat National Anthem is the British God Save the Queen. However, for some time Montserratians have wanted their own national song to differentiate them and celebrate Montserrat at sporting events and other occasions. In the 1990s the quest for a national song was launched, headed by a committee set up by the government. In 1995 it chose Montserrat my Country by Denzil Edgecombe. Not long afterwards, Montserrat suffered a calamatous volcanic eruption. An apparent consequence of this is that the National Song was not established, and recently – according to the Montserrat Reporter – the Prime Minister, Reuben Meade, has asked for a national song to be composed. This has caused some confusion, not least with the composer, who pointed out that, in fact, Montserrat has a national song.

References[edit] The Montserrat Reporter, 23 December 2011

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