National Technological University – Avellaneda Regional Faculty

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The National Technological University – Avellaneda Regional Faculty (Castilian: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Avellaneda (UTN-FRA)).



  • Engineering:
    • Civil Engineering.
    • Electrical Engineering.
    • Electronical Engineering.
    • Industrial Engineering.
    • Mechanic Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering.

Postgraduate Degrees[edit]

  • Masters:
    • Master in Ambiental Engineering.
    • Master in Food Technology
    • Master in Superior Education.
    • Master in Structural Engineering.
    • Master in University Teaching
  • Specializations:
    • Laboural Engineering.
    • Specialization in Food Technology.
    • Specialization in Work Hygiene and Safety.


This NTU College is one of the 24 regional faculties of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina.


Coordinates: 34°39′42″S 58°21′56″W / 34.6617°S 58.3655°W / -34.6617; -58.3655