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National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences logo.png
Motto Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.
Established 2000 (2000)
Type Private
Chancellor Senator Wasim Sajjad[1]
Rector Dr.Muhammed Ghulam Haider
Registrar Dr. M. Latif Virk
Students ~9,000[2]
Location Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan
Campus Urban–Islamabad[3]
Colours Blue, White, Green, Amber                
Nickname FAST–NU
Affiliations HEC, PEC

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Initials: NUCES and FAST-NU) is a private research university and one of the leading technical institutions in Pakistan.[8][9] It has multiple campuses based in cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan and has distinction of being the first multi-campus university in Pakistan.[4]

The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) was founded and established by BCCI financier Hasan Abidi that provided a large financial capital for university's purpose to promote research in computer sciences and emerging technologies in 1980. Established in 2000, it is regarded as one of the leading technical universities in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies in engineering, management sciences, business administration, humanities, arts and natural and social sciences.[10] It is consistently ranked among one of the leading and top institutions of higher learning in the country, securing its top rank in the computer sciences/IT category by the HEC in 2010.[11]

The university's guidelines are committed to producing graduates of the highest order who may act as vanguard of the IT Revolution in Pakistan.[8]


The university has four departments at each of its campuses and one exclusively at the Lahore campus. These are:


The university has campuses in Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

Islamabad campus[edit]

Seated along the Kashmir Highway, the Islamabad Campus holds in view the capital city, with mystic thoughtfulness. A majestic banyan tree strikes the eye of the visitor before the overshadowed Campus’s beauty can capture his attention. The visitor experiences an instantaneous dilemma. He does not know whether to admire the panoramic scenery of the city, which lies before his eyes or marvel the academic décor of the campus. Spread over a 15-acre land, right in the academic hub of the city, Islamabad Campus is steadily expanding both in terms of its arudy programs. The highly qualified, deeply committed, and professionally inspired faculty gives to the university an academic character. The faculty not only excels in their teaching abilities but also keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and developments in science and technology. They are also accomplished researchers, contributors, and developers in their respective areas of interest.

Lahore campus[edit]

The Lahore Campus, spread over 12.5 acres, is located in Faisal Town which is the heart of greater Lahore. The campus consists of three blocks, which with their striking exterior brickwork and magnificent marble domes are a valuable addition to the rich architectural heritage of Lahore. The facilities consist of fully air-conditioned purpose built class rooms equipped with teaching aids, and a number of computing and engineering laboratories.It also has open courts and grounds for outdoor games and recreational purposes

The computing labs consist of database, programming, software engineering, and computer application labs. Latest computers, workstations and services having LINUX and Windows based environments are also readily available for the usage of students. The whole campus is fully equipped with fast Local Area Network and latest wireless hotspots. Click here to visit the website.

Student organizations[edit]

  • SOFTEC (Software Exhibition And Competition)
  • NUCES ACM Lahore Chapter
  • IEEE NUCES Lahore
  • Career Counseling Society (CCS)
  • NUCES Fun Trekkers (NFT)
  • FAST Sports Society (FSS)
  • NUCES Media Group (NMG)
  • FAST Photography Club (FPC)
  • Best Practices - FAST Business Club (FBC)
  • VOICE - FAST Lahore Debating Society (FLDS)
  • FAST Association of Civil Engineers (FACE)
  • Interface - Literary Society

Karachi campus[edit]

Apart from the very first FAST-NUCES campus at Shahrah e Faisal (for graduate studies), the Main Flagship Campus is located on a six acre site in Shah Latif Town on the National Highway, ten kilometers east of Karachi airport. The campus comprises spacious and fully air conditioned, purpose built classrooms, laboratories, auditorium, seminar rooms, and a spacious Library. The University labs :

  • Communication Lab
  • Circuit Analysis Lab
  • Physics for Engineers Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Analogue and Digital Communication Lab
  • Database Lab
  • Electro-mechanical Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Embedded System, Robotics and Control Lab
  • General Engineering Lab
  • General Programming Lab
  • Micro Processor and Interfacing Lab
  • FPGA Lab
  • FYP Lab

A separate Student Activities block includes Cafeteria, Sports Complex for indoor games and a Gymnasium with all modern equipments. In addition to a Mosque, playgrounds for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Tennis courts are also available.

To supplement the academic activities of the main campus, there is a City Campus on main Shahrae-Faisal (near Nursery) which houses the Business School and School for Graduate Studies. The purpose-built city campus has air-conditioned modern classrooms, modern computing labs and a canteen. The library of the city campus is linked with the library of the main campus. A Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of 175 is available for seminars, lectures and functions. Moreover, it also has the Microsoft Innovation Centre, the first such centre established by Microsoft in Pakistan. One campus is known as city campus in shahrah -e-faisal that offers BBA courses, MBA courses and some Ms courses, while other campus is known as Main Campus which is located on a six acre site in Shah Latif Town on the National Highway, ten kilometers east of Karachi airport. Main campus offers degree like BS in Computer Science, BS in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), MS in Software Project Management, MS in Computer Networking, MS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Mathematics, PhD in Mathematics, PhD in Computer Science, PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Karachi FAST-NU is Honored :

  • FAST-NU Karachi Campus won NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Center and IEEE TCPP Award.

FAST-NU Karachi Campus won NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Center Award. This awards entitles Karachi Campus to set up a CUDA Research/Teaching Lab consisting of GPU/Tesla Clusters. The lab would be utilized for multiple teaching and research assignments. Karachi Campus plans to utilize the teaching center for multiple courses such as High Performance Computing, Graphics, Architecture, and Algorithms, etc. In addition, the GPU cluster will also be used for numerous computer science related problems. Details: CUDA Teaching Centers - EMEAI Furthermore Karachi Campus has also earned earned NSF (National Science Foundation) sponsored IEEE TCPP (Technical Committee on Parallel Processing) award for strengthening Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDC) curriculum in multiple core and elective courses. Details: List of Fall 2013 Early Adopters and List of Fall 2012 Early Adopters

  • FAST-NU alumnus, Mir Zafar Ali, wins 3rd Oscar for movie "Frozen"

We feel pride that Pakistani born visual effects artist and a former FASTian Mir Zafar Ali has won yet another Oscar, bringing his total count of Oscars to three. Zafar was part of the team that worked on an animated movie Frozen that has won the 2014 Oscar for best animated feature film. Zafar first got Academy Award back in 2007 when he won the Best Visual Effects Artist award for the movie Golden Compass. Life of Pi was another stunning success of Zafar. The 38 year old was born in Karachi where he acquired his early education and later graduated from FAST-NU in computer science. Later, Zafar enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design’s course of BFA in computer animation. He worked for the Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhal starrer The Day After Tomorrow where global climatic events lead to a new Ice Age. X-Men’s Banshee and Richard Parker, the tiger in Life of Pi are all evidences of Mir Zafar’s great work. He has also worked for several visual effects shops such as Digital Domain and Rhythm and Hues. A local talent gone global, Zafar Ali makes us proud and encourages millions of young students in Pakistan that their dreams are also valid. FAST-NU is proud of him and congratulates him on his great success.

  • Microsoft Developer Network recognizes FAST-NU’s work.

It is indeed a great achievement that Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) has recognized the hard work and efforts of FAST-NU in its blog on Lab of Things (LoT) project. In a blog by the Microsoft Research Connections Team, they underlined that the LoT was a flexible platform for conducting experimental research using connected devices in homes and beyond. Since LoT’s beta released in July 2013, they have made a lot of progress on two fronts. “First, we’ve been busily extending and perfecting various features of LoT; second, we’ve been working closely with academic partners to help them adopt and deploy LoT for their research,” the blog said. Right from the inception of the project, we have been working closely with our academic collaborators to understand better the needs of such a platform. They further stated, “Professor Affan Syed and his students at FAST-NUCES, Pakistan, are using the Lab of Things to develop a system to optimize and control the use of electrical power in homes to help address the acute shortage of energy in their country. The team is busy scaling up the project to deploy in a large number of homes with the goal to understand energy usage and optimization goals in a wider cross section of society. Not only for research projects, the ‘Lab of Things’ is also being used for teaching.”

  • Book Inaugural Ceremony of Dr. Aziz ur Rehman

Dr. Mufti Aziz ur Rehman Saifee’s book entitled with: “Teachings of the Holy Prophet and the stages of Human Development” “تعلیمات نبویہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم اور تخلیق انسانی کے مدارج”.

  • LLC Language Learning Centre.
  • Centre for Research in Ubiquitous Computing.
  • Management Science Research Centre.
  • Systems Research Laboratory. The centre encourages faculty and students to take up research and provides them help to access organizational data, support, and other logistics to carry out research activities.

  • Volunteer Computing on heterogeneous platforms
  • M2M (Machine to Machine Networks)
  • Virtual Machine Migration in cloud
  • Nano data center selection in cloud
  • Fuzzy Clustering using MapReduce
  • Lightweight MapReduce
  • Cloud Emulator
  • Collaborative Computing using smart phones

[[Shah Latif Town (On National Highway), Karachi. Tel: (021) 111 128 128 Fax: (021) 410 0549 Website:]]:

Peshawar campus[edit]

Peshawar campus was founded in 2001 and today it covers an area of 4 acres.[12] Basic architecture has deep similarities with Islamabad and Lahore campuses. Campus library contains over 6000 books in hard form while soft copies of many books are available on university servers.[12] FAST Peshawar has excelled itself many times in sports or academic events throughout the country. FAST Peshawar offers Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. Moreover Master's degree is offered in the fields of Computer Sciences, Business Administration and Mathematics.[13] The institutes offers quality education with three stories of Lecture rooms, library and different labs such as Software Engineering lab, Database lab, Operating Systems lab, Circuit lab, Digital Logic and Design lab, PC lab & Systems lab.

Faisalabad Campus[edit]

Faisalabad Campus was founded in 2012 (First Intake In September 2012). It is located between Faisalabad (Textile Hub Of Pakistan) and Chiniot (near River Chenab) having a majestic building colored with culture and technology. Started with schools of Business Administration and Computer Science (Electrical Engineering expected to be offered very soon). Campus is equipped with Computer Labs, Digital Lab and Circuit Lab.

Degree programs[edit]

Following degree programs are being offered.

PEC accreditation[edit]

Civil Engineering program of Lahore campus is yet to be accredited with Pakistan Engineering Council.[14]

Events & Festivals[edit]

SOFTEC (Lahore)[edit]

SOFTEC is the biggest and oldest IT event in Pakistan. SOFTEC is a two day event organized every year at the Lahore campus of NUCES since 1995.

It consists of different competitions, including

  • Software Competition
  • Bilal Hashmi Programming Contest
  • Engineering Project Competition
  • Web and App Development Competition
  • Gaming Competitions
  • Ideas Xtreme ( Where students from Grade School display their ideas)
  • Robo Rumble

Apart from this different exhibitions are also organized on SOFTEC including

  • SOFTWARE HOUSE ENCLOSURE ( Where top Software Houses from all over the country set up their stalls for displaying their products and also do hiring of talented graduates and participants attending the event)
  • Engineering Exhibition
  • Conferences ( Where prominent prominent personailities from the field of IT give lectures and share their experience on different topics assigned by the SOFTEC Team)

The 9th International and 18th National SOFTEC was held on 8–9 March 2014.

SOFTEC's Facebook page SOFTEC

SOFTEC's website

ACM ICPC ASIA Lahore Regional[edit]

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) is the largest computer programming contest in the world. The ACM-ICPC is an activity of the ACM that provides college students with an opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen their problem-solving and computing skills.

The contest is considered to be the "Olympics Of Computer Programming". The ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contests invite Asian students to meet, establish friendship and promote fair competition in programming. The magnitude of this mega event can be gauged from the fact that the finest students of the computing disciplines at over 2300 universities located in 90 countries across 6 continents participate in this event. About Lahore Site: It is a two-tier contest. The world is divided into six regions and Asia is a region. In Asia there are 17 host sites and the Lahore is one of them. Each site selects one team as winner of the site and will be eligible to participate in the world finals which will be held in June 2015. The winning team of each site is eligible to participate to the world finals. Winning Team may also get travel support from IBM and ASIA Director to participate in the world finals.

This is First time that FAST NU LAHORE will be organizing the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest(Asia Region)in Pakistan on October 2014. Lahore Site Official Facebook Page

NASCON (Islamabad)[edit]

NaSCon is a flagship event of FAST-NU’s social calendar. The aim of this event is to serve as a practical platform for developing business and technology solutions and supporting a sustainable society. NaScon’s past editions have seen four to five thousand people, representing over 150 universities and colleges nationwide, compete across an array of events and this year more people are expected to be part of NaScon with whopping 33 events.

NaScon has garnered significant recognition in the past decade and has been exclusively covered and broadcast by some of the leading newspapers, radio stations and TV channels of Pakistan including GEO TV, ARY, ATV, Express News,FM 89, FM91 and FM 101.

The theme of NaScon ’13 revolves around environmental, social and economic sustainability. Almost anything that we do in this modern day & age can have substantial repercussions on the environment and we at NaScon’13 are promoting awareness about the importance of this issue among youth of this country, encouraging minds to devise solutions that not only improve the environment but help preserve our future. Spreading awareness about the soon-to-be-held Elections also forms this year’s event’s primary objectives. It aims to inculcate a feeling of responsibility in the participants as they would form the backbone of our country in the near future. (Karachi)[edit] 2014 is the biggest international and local Computer Science, Engineering, and Business competition event organized by FAST-NUCES Karachi campus. is a step towards further enforcing the commitment of FAST for the development of Information Technology and Engineering Science related fields in Pakistan. It is an initiative to bring out the capabilities of the students and provide them a platform for competition to nurture their expertise. It is the place where Academia meets Industry and vice verse - the bridge that bridges the gap. Taking the tradition a step ahead right from 1998, when it first saw dawn, now we have 44 competitions lined up with teams coming in from all over Pakistan and from institutions abroad.

University Level Competitions: Computer Science/IT Competitions: Speed Programming Competition, Speed Mobile Application Development, Speed Web Development, Game Application Exhibition& Competition, Mobile Application Exhibition& Competition: Software Exhibition & Competition, Ethical Hacking, AI Gaming Challenge, The Builders.Engineering Competitions: Circuit Designing Competition, Micro controller Interfacing, Idea To Product (I2P), Auto CAD Design, Hardware Exhibition, Network Designing, Robot Race, Robot wars.Business Competitions: Innovative Business Ideas (IBI), Marketing Competition, Ad-Art. School/College Level Competitions: Science Trivia, Einstein’s Speeding Brains, Euclid’s Mathematical Dilemma, Gauss’s Teacher’s Challenge.General Interest Competitions: Gaming Extreme Competition, I-Quest Artist Park.Digital Art and Communication Design Poster Design, Logo Design, Digital Painting expressions, Fine Art Contest: Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy, Art Fiesta.Writing: Urdu Essay & Creative Writing, English Essay & Creative Writing.Media, Movie making and Photography, Photo Reel (Photo Essay), Ad Making, Short Filming, Speed Filming, Photography Exhibition. Textile, Dress Designing, Freedom to Create, Artisan's Bazaar.

List of all the Presidents of from 2009
Ammar Faheem President 2009-2010
[15] Farrukh Ahmed President 2010-2011
[16] Haris Tharani President 2011-2012
[17] Syed Shahrukh Razi President 2012-2013
[18] Shazem Raza President 2013-2014

NUTEC (Peshawar)[edit]

NUTEC, National University Technology Competition, is an annual event at the university in Peshawar. Competitions are held in the event such as Engineering Quiz, Gaming, Programming and exhibitions are also held in engineering and software.

Marketing Mavericks (Islamabad)[edit]

This is a marketing event held biannually at the Islamabad campus., "Marketing Mavericks" unites business students, professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants and academicians to debate on marketing issues, trends and opportunities in Pakistan. The winning group of the event is awarded the trophy, "The Jolly Marketer" and the best performer of the event is awarded with "The Green Jacket" and "Marketing Mavericks Medal of Honour". Awards are distributed to organizations in the areas of Service Quality Excellence and Marketing Innovation. The event is sponsored by corporations, local and multinational.

Student organizations[edit]

ACM Student Chapter[edit]

nuces-acm Student Chapter
ACM Student Chapter -> nuces-acm.

ACM is the world's largest computing society, promoting Technology, computing & student activities with 750+ Student chapters worldwide . NUCES-ACM Student Chapter is the largest Technical society of FAST which was established on 12 April 2001 by Junaid Haroon Siddiqui and Agha Adeel Saadat. The chapter advances the science of information processing.

NUCES-ACM Student Chapter is renowned for organizing highly skilled international, national and local competitions ranging from Programming competitions, Application Development, Graphic Designing, Video Making, Website Animations to as diverse as PC customization, Speed Typing, Quiz Competitions, gaming competitions, short courses, workshops, seminars and LAN Parties for the students throughout the year. It has received participants from most countries in the region, and from all major educational institutions in Pakistan. The Chapter is responsible for sponsoring and organizing all student trips to other educational institutions in the country and abroad. There are 350+ registered members of the society. ACM Student Chapter, FAST-NU Lahore has won the 2013-2014 ACM Student Chapter Excellence Award for outstanding activities out of 750 plus student chapters all over the world. ACM International’s staff and judges were impressed by the work FAST-NU students put forth, and the obvious efforts they have made this year. Award was chosen on the basis of creativity, insightfulness and how well the objectives were fulfilled, as well as for our overall commitment to computing. This achievement has put FAST-NU ACM students’ chapter on the list of best computing societies in Pakistan.

ACM has organised The Coders Cup, SAARC coding competition, Asia cup, ACM ICPC Pakistan, PROCOM & Geek Week etc.

FCS (Fast Computing Society) by FAST Islamabad Campus[edit]

FAST Computing Society

Fast Computing Society (FCS) started working in November 2011 to help students of computer science polish their skills, show their abilities and to take part in competitions in the university as well as outside the university in the computing field. The initiative was taken by the mentors of FCS, Dr. Uzair Khan and Dr. Waseem Shahzad, in establishing this society.

The society has been officially functional since 16 Jan 2012 and is divided into different clubs and committees, namely:

  • Web Development
  • Creative Committee
  • Event Management Committee
  • FAST Gaming Club
  • Operations Committee
  • Publications

All the activities held under the CS Department of FAST - NU Islamabad are conducted under the umbrella of FCS.

BASF (Business Administration Students' Form)[edit]


The Business Administration Students' Forum provides improvement of students with their personal and professional development. It focuses on making students stay at university productive and memorable.

FES (Fast Engineering Society)[edit]

FES logo

FAST Engineering Society is based at the Islamabad Campus. The society is helpful to the newcomers and any student who is interested in curricular activities like speed programming, speed wiring etc.

This student body consists of President, Qamar Shahzad, Vice President,Aurangzaib Khan and General Secretary along with nine clubs' (mentioned below) Coordinators and vice coordinators:

  • Adventure Club
  • Aeromodelling Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Event Management
  • Electronics Club
  • E-Gaming

IEEE Student Branch[edit]

The IEEE Student Branch is an IEEE student entity, under which the university can organize seminars, conferences, congresses, lectures and invited talks of professionals, academicians and researchers. Three independent IEEE Student Branches exist in its three campuses - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. IEEE NUCES-Karachi organized IEEE PSC 2007 on 6–7 July 2007, ProCom.Net 2009 on 2 May 2009 and number of seminars and workshops. They also participated in IEEE PSC 2008 on 16–17 August 2008, IEEE KSSC 2008 on 26 December 2008, IEEE PSC 2009 at IEEE SEECS, NUST, Islamabad during 29–31 May 2009 and IEEE PSC 2010 at Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi on 29–31 October 2010. In 2014, FAST-NU Islamabad hosted IEEE WEEK 2014 of Islamabad in which more than 1500 participants participated from all over the Pakistan including students from GIKI IEEE Chapter. Uzair Ahmad Khan from Uzair Photography was the official Photographer of the event.


FASTRising is a group of people (students, faculty members and alumni) from FAST NU, Lahore who believe in the supremacy of law and the rule of meritocracy. They belong to diverse ideological and political backgrounds and have collaborated to form this platform to:

  • Strive for the restoration of the constitution as it was in the early hours of 3 Nov 2007
  • Raise the level of political awareness of the FAST-NU family members (students, faculty members and alumni)

NFT-NUCES Fun Trekkers (Lahore)[edit]

NFT – NUCES Fun Trekkers is the most popular non-technical and the only adventurous society at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Lahore. Since its origination in 1998, it has been arranging different trips and adventurous activities with a mission of indulging students of FAST-NU in different adventurous activities, to help them in exploring colors of Pakistan, to give them an exposure of places which are beyond the borders and to get them to those places where they would hardly go ever in their lives or hardly visited them in past.

Annually, NFT activities range from a 2 week Adventurous Summer trip offering camping, trekking, jeep cruising, bonfires, jaunting and hiking in breathtaking environment of Northern Areas to the 1 week Winter trip including Camping, Rock Climbing, Ice-Skiing, Winter Hill Walking & Ice-Sliding in snow spiced areas of Pakistan. One-Day Trips to Archeological & Historical places, Hill Stations, Wildlife & National Parks, Forts, Lakes, Dams, and Caves of Pakistan in every semester are also a part of NFT’s jaunt set while luxurious 4 Day International trip to any of the developed country and 3 Day Girls Summer Trip recently became a part of this set.

Notable alumni[edit]

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