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National University of Defense of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національний університет оборони України імені Івана Черняховського, Natsionalnyi Universytet Oborony Ukrainy imeni Ivana Chernyakhovskoho) is a university of higher military education in Ukraine, located in its capital city of Kiev. Subordinated to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the University is training officers specializing in the defense of the country.

The University was founded back in Russian Empire times as "II Kyiv and Mykolaiv Military Artillery School" (Russian: Второе Киевское военное и Николаевское артиллерийское училище). military school was opened in Kiev in 1914.

in 2013, the University was named after the famous Soviet General of the Army, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the 3rd Belorussian Front Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

Structure of the University[edit]

  • Administration of the University.
  • Head of the National Defence University of Ukraine.
  • Deputy Head of the University.
  • Scientific and Methodological Center (organization of educational activities).
  • Scientific and Methodological Center (organization of scientific and technological activities).
  • Administrative Office.
  • Department of International Military Cooperation.
  • Financial and economic management.
  • Department of information security and cryptology.
  • Department of educational work.
  • Department personnel.
  • Publishing Department.
  • Legal Department.
  • Department of Communications and Information Systems.
  • Fire Protection Services.
  • Medical Service.
  • Service safety.
  • Service Division troops.
  • Department of armaments.
  • Department of logistics.
  • Department operation and maintenance funds.
  • Military training course of officer reserve

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