Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit

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Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit
English: You Our Ancient Land!
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National anthem of  Greenland
Lyrics Henning Jakob Henrik Lund
Music Jonathan Petersen
Adopted 1916

"Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit" (You Our Ancient Land; Danish: Vort ældgamle land under isblinkens bavn) is the national anthem of Greenland, an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark. With lyrics by Henning Jakob Henrik Lund and music composed by Jonathan Petersen, the anthem was officially adopted in 1916. Since 1979, "Nuna asiilasooq" (The Land of Great Length), an anthem used by the self-governing Kalaallit people, has also been officially recognised by the government.

Greenlandic/Kalaallisut lyrics[edit]

Nunarput, utoqqarsuanngoravit
Niaqqut ulissimavoq qiinik.
Qitornatit kissumiaannarpatit
tunillugit sineriavit piinik.
Akullequtaasut merlertutut
Ilinni perortugut tamaani
Kalaallinik imminik taajumavugut
Niaqquit ataqqinartup saani.
Taqilluni naami atunngiveqaaq
Kalaallit siumut makigitsi.
Inuttut inuuneq pigiuminaqaaq
Saperasi isumaqaleritsi.

Danish translation[edit]

Vort ældgamle land under isblinkens bavn
med lysende snehår om dit hoved!
Du trofaste moder, som bar os i din favn,
mens dine kysters rigdom du os loved.
Som halvvoksne børn er vi groet af din jord
og trygt vokset op blandt dine fjelde,
vi kalder os kalaallit i landet, hvor vi bor
ærbødigt for dit hvide åsyns ælde.
Umuligt nu længer at blive i ro,
kalaallit, mod større mål vi stævner.
Som fribårne folk vi i landet vil bo;
begynd at tro på jeres egne evner.

English translation[edit]

Our country, which has become so old your head is all covered with white hair.
Always held us, your children, in your bosom and gave us the riches of your coasts.
As middle children in the family we blossomed here Kalaallit,
we want to call ourselves before your proud and honourable head.
Humbleness is not the course, Kalaallit wake up and be proud!
A dignified life is our goal; courageously take a stand.


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