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A national football centre (NFC)[1] (sometimes referred as a "soccer institute") is the term given to facilities that host an education base for a national football association.[2]

The Canadian Soccer Association has a series of "national training centres" in each province where prospective football players are invited to be coached by professional coaches.[3]

The French Football Federation has the acclaimed Clairefontaine institute and several other regional academies which attempt to locate the more talented players at an early age, other sites include:

  • Centre Régional Accueil Formation de Liévin
  • Centre Régional Technique Georges Favre
  • Centre Technique Régional Henri Guérin
  • CREPS Aix-en-Provence
  • CREPS Bourgogne Dijon
  • CREPS Plaine des Cafres
  • CREPS Reims
  • CREPS Vichy Auvergne


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