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View from inside the Jim Corpett National Park

National parks in India are IUCN category II protected areas. India's first national park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park, now known as Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. By 1970, India only had five national parks. In 1972, India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger to safeguard the habitats of conservation reliant species. Further federal legislation strengthening protections for wildlife was introduced in the 1980s. As of April 2012, there were 112 national parks. All national park lands then encompassed a total 39,919 km2 (15,413 sq mi) , comprising 1.21% of India's total surface area.

A total of 166 national parks have been authorized. Plans are underway to establish the remaining scheduled parks. All of India's national parks are listed below alongside their home state or territory, area and the date that they were established. See Protected areas of India for an overview of all Indian protected

List of national parks[edit]

This is a sortable list of national parks of India.

Name State Established Area (in km²) Notability
Balphakram National Park Meghalaya 2013 220 wild water buffalo, red panda, elephant and eight cat species, including the tiger and marbled cat
Bandhavgarh National Park Madhya Pradesh 1968 446 highest known Tiger population in India, White Tiger, 1336 species of endemic plants
Bandipur National Park Karnataka 1974 874.20 chital, gray langurs, Indian giant squirrel, Gaur, leopard, Sambar deer, indian elephants, honey buzzard, red-headed vulture and other animals.
Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka 1974 106.27
Betla National Park Jharkhand 1986 231.67

Tiger, Sloth Bear, Peacock, Elephant, Sambar deer and other animals.

Bhitarkanika National Park Odisha 1988 145 Mangroves, Saltwater crocodile, white crocodile, Indian python, black ibis, wild pigs, rhesus monkeys, chital and other animals
Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar Gujarat 1976 34.08
Buxa Tiger Reserve West Bengal 1992 760
Campbell Bay National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1992 426.23
Chandoli National Park Maharashtra 2004 317.67
Dachigam National Park Jammu and Kashmir 1981 141 Only area where Kashmir stag is found[1]
Darrah National Park Rajasthan 2004 250
Desert National Park Rajasthan 1980 3162
Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Assam 1999 340
Dudhwa National Park Uttar Pradesh 1977 490.29
Eravikulam National Park Kerala 1978 97
Galathea National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1992 110
Gangotri National Park Uttarakhand 1989 1552.73
Gir Forest National Park Gujarat 1965 258.71 Asiatic lion
Gorumara National Park West Bengal 1994 79.45
Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary Uttarakhand 1990 472.08
Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh, 1984 754.40 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Gugamal National Park Maharashtra 1987 361.28
Guindy National Park Tamil Nadu 1976 2.82
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park Tamil Nadu 1980 6.23
Hemis National Park Jammu and Kashmir 1981 4400
Harike Wetland Punjab 1987 86
Hazaribagh National Park Jharkhand 1954 183.89
Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park Tamil Nadu 1989 117.10
Indravati National Park Chhattisgarh 1981 1258.37 Wild Asian Buffalo, Tiger Reserve, Hill Mynas
Jaldapara National Park West Bengal 2012 216
Jim Corbett National Park Uttarakhand 1936 1318.5
Kalesar National Park Haryana 2003 100.88
Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 1955 940
Kanger Ghati National Park Chhattisgarh 1982 200
Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park Telangana 1994 1.42
Kaziranga National Park Assam 1905 471.71 Indian rhinoceros, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Keibul Lamjao National Park Manipur 1977 40 only floating park in the world
Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan 1981 28.73 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Khangchendzonga National Park Sikkim 1977 1784
Kishtwar National Park Jammu and Kashmir 1981 400
Kudremukh National Park Karnataka 1987 600.32
Madhav National Park Madhya Pradesh 1959 375.22
Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1983 281.50
Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park Telangana 1994 14.59
Manas National Park Assam 1990 500 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Mandla Plant Fossils National Park Madhya Pradesh 1983 0.27
Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch Gujarat 1980 162.89
Mathikettan Shola National Park Kerala 2003 12.82
Middle Button Island National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1987 0.64
Mollem National Park Goa 1978 107
Mouling National Park Arunachal Pradesh 1986 483
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Rajasthan 1960 288.84
Mount Harriet National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 46.62 important bird area as attributed by BirdLife International, new species frog named Rana CharlesDarwini
Mrugavani National Park Telangana 9.1
Mudumalai National Park Tamil Nadu 1940 321.55
Mukurthi National Park Tamil Nadu 2001 78.46
Murlen National Park Mizoram 200
Namdapha National Park Arunachal Pradesh 1974 1985.24
Nameri National Park Assam 1978 137.07
Nanda Devi National Park Uttarakhand 1982 630.33 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Nandankanan Zoological Park Odisha 1960 4.006
Navegaon National Park Maharashtra 133.88
Neora Valley National Park West Bengal 1986 88
Nokrek National Park Meghalaya 47.48 UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
North Button Island National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1979 144
Ntangki National Park Nagaland 1993 202.02
Orang National Park Assam 1999 78.81
Palani Hills National Park Tamil Nadu 736.87
Panna National Park Madhya Pradesh 1981 542.67
Papikonda National Park Andhra Pradesh 2008 1012.85
Pench National Park Madhya Pradesh 1977 758
Periyar National Park Kerala 1982 305
Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park Mizoram 1992 50
Pin Valley National Park Himachal Pradesh 1987 807.36
Rajaji National Park Uttarakhand 1983 820
Nagarhole National Park Karnataka 1988 643.39
Rani Jhansi Marine National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1996 256.14
Ranthambore National Park Rajasthan 1981 392
Saddle Peak National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1979 32.55
Salim Ali National Park Jammu and Kashmir 9.07
Sanjay National Park² Madhya Pradesh 1981 466.7
Sanjay Gandhi National Park Maharashtra 1969 104
Sariska Tiger Reserve Rajasthan 1955 866
Satpura National Park Madhya Pradesh 1981 524
Silent Valley National Park Kerala 1980 237
Sirohi National Park Manipur 1982 41.30
Simlipal National Park Odisha 1980 845.70 Tiger, Leopard, Asian elephant, Sambar, Barking deer, Gaur, Jungle cat, Wild boar, and other animals.
Singalila National Park West Bengal 1986 78.60
South Button Island National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands 5 Dugong, Dolphin, Water Monitor Lizard, Blue Whale
Sri Venkateswara National Park Andhra Pradesh 1989 353
Sultanpur National Park Haryana 1989 1.43
Sundarbans National Park West Bengal 1984 1330.12 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Tadoba National Park Maharashtra 1955 625
Valley of Flowers National Park Uttarakhand 1982 87.50
Valmiki National Park Bihar 1976 898.45
Vansda National Park Gujarat 1979 23.99

Proposed and commissioned national parks[edit]

Several new national parks have been proposed by State Governments in India, and are pending an approval, and after which they will be commissioned, and demarcated. Important national parks which have already been commissioned include :


1The Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh parts of the Pench National Park are administered separately.

2The Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh parts of the Sanjay National Park are administered separately.

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