National team appearances in the FIBA World Championship for Women

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The article currently lists the first appearances of the 40 national teams that have made at least one appearance in the FIBA World Championship for Women, as well as the three countries currently confirmed to be making their debuts in the upcoming 2014 event.

Ultimately. it will also include basic information on the performances of each of these teams.

Debut of national teams[edit]

Year Débutants
1953  Argentina,  Brazil,  Chile,  Cuba,  France,  Mexico,  Paraguay,  Peru,  Switzerland,  United States
1957  Australia,  Czechoslovakia,  Hungary,  Soviet Union
1959  Bulgaria,  North Korea,  Poland,  Romania,  Yugoslavia
1964  Japan,  South Korea
1967  East Germany,  Italy
1971  Canada,  Ecuador,  Madagascar
1975  Colombia,  Senegal
1979  Bolivia,  Malaysia,  Netherlands
1983  China, Zaire Zaire
1986  Chinese Taipei
1990 -
1994  Kenya,  New Zealand,  Slovakia,  Spain
1998  DR Congo,  Germany,  Lithuania,  Russia
2002  Tunisia
2006  Czech Republic,  Nigeria
2010  Belarus,  Greece,  Mali
2014  Angola,  Mozambique,  Turkey