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Natisone / Nadiža
Cividale 0904 View from Ponte del Diavolo.jpg
The Natisone at Cividale del Friuli
Origin Punta di Montemaggiore, Julian Prealps
Mouth Torre River
Basin countries Italy, Slovenia
Length 60 km (37 mi)
Source elevation 415 m (1,362 ft)
Basin area 322 km2 (124 sq mi)

The Natisone (Latin: Natiso; Friulian: Nadison; Slovene: Nadiža) is a 60-kilometre (37 mi) river in Slovenia and Italy.[1] It flows for some time as a border river between Slovenia and Italy, continues in Slovenia and then crosses the border and continues in Eastern Friuli, in northeastern Italy. It is the main tributary of the Torre and a sub-affluent of the Isonzo.

The Natisone is formed at 415 metres (1,362 ft) above sea level on the border between Friuli and Slovenia by the confluence of two streams: the Rio Bianco (Slovene: Beli potok) and the Rio Nero (Slovene: Črni potok) which spring from the Punta di Montemaggiore and Gabrovec mountains. Before the confluence with the Torre, it passes through the communes of Pulfero and Cividale del Friuli.


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Coordinates: 45°56′43″N 13°21′53″E / 45.9453°N 13.3647°E / 45.9453; 13.3647