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The Native American Music Awards (also known as the NAMAs or "Nammys") are an awards program presented annually by Elbel Productions, Inc., The Native American Music Awards Inc., and The Native American Music Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1998,[1] which recognizes outstanding musical achievement among Native Americans in the Americas, predominantly in the United States and Canada. The awards were created in 1998 to offer Native American musicians greater recognition from the American music industry and to create opportunities for international exposure and recognition.

Founded by music industry executive, Ellen Bello, The Annual Native American Music Awards is the largest membership-based organization for Native American music initiatives and consists of over 20,000 registered voting members and professionals in the field. They also hold the largest Native American music library in the world with a national archive featuring a collection of over 10,000 audio and video recordings in all formats housed since 1990.[2]

Awards show[edit]

The awards show honors national recordings released in the previous calendar year that encompass traditional and contemporary Native American music instrumentation and/or lyrics. Traditional music through history has been an integral part of Native American life and tribal identity, for example: pow wow music, round dance songs, and Native American flute music. Contemporary Native American music has grown to encompass many popular genres (for example: rock, pop, blues, hip hop, and country), as well as uniquely distinctive genres including Waila (or Chicken scratch) and Native American Church music. There is also a "Native Heart category" (an award given to Non Native Americans), that honors non-native artists in Native American bands or groups or individuals celebrating the spirit of Native America.

Nominees are submitted and selected by a national advisory membership, consisting of individuals directly involved in recording, manufacturing, distributing and promoting Native American music nationally. Winners are selected by a combined vote by the national membership and the general public, who can listen to and vote on nominees' tracks on the Native American Music Awards website.[3]

The awards ceremony features live artist performances and 30 awards categories in various traditional and contemporary music genres, as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame inductions. The program often reaches beyond talent from Indian reservations and embraces internationally renowned artists such as; Robbie Robertson, Rita Coolidge, John Densmore, Nelly Furtado, Rickey Medlocke, Felipe Rose, and others.

Other mainstream celebrities who have supported the Native American Music Awards include: Nile Rodgers, Richie Havens, Wayne Newton, Jennifer Warnes, Bruce Cockburn, Crystal Gayle, Kitty Wells, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Janice Marie Johnson of A Taste of Honey, KC of KC and the Sunshine Band, Little Steven Van Zandt, Nokie Edwards, and more. Awards[edit]

The dedicated Native American Music Awards successfully proposed the Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album in 2000. The Native American Music Awards or N.A.M.A. was the first national awards program for Native American music in North America. The Awards was born out of a need for greater recognition for Native American music initiatives and remains the largest professional membership based organization in the world.

From 2001 to 2011, the American Grammy Awards presented an annual award for Best Native American Music Album, and the Canadian Juno Awards present an annual award for Aboriginal Recording of the Year. On April 6, 2011, it was announced that the Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album would be merged into a new category, Best Regional Roots Music Album.

The awards ceremonies have typically been hosted by the Seneca Nation of New York's casinos since approximately 2010, first at the Seneca Niagara Casino for the first several years and in 2014 at the Seneca Allegany Casino.


Adrian Brown, Tim Sampson, Jonathon Joss, Charles Button - 08 Best Producer

Akwesasne Women Singers (Mohawk) - 13 Traditional

AIRO - 06 Group

Ali Fontaine -2013 Best Country

Andrew Vasquez (Kiowa/Apache) - 00 Male Artist

Annie Humphrey (Ojibwe)- 01 Female, 01 Folk, 03 Best Video

Apache Spirit (Apache)- 98 Best Folk Country Group

Apryl Allen - 09 Pop Recording

Arigon Starr (Kickapoo) - 01 Song Single, 99 Best Independent Recording

Arvel BIrd - 06 Instrumental, 07 Artist of the Year

Atsiaktonkie -09 Best Folk

Bear Fox (Mohawk) - 11 Debut Artist

Becky Thomas (Cherokee) - 11 Female Artist

Big City Indians featuring Roy E Pete (Navajo) - 13 Group

Big River Cree (Plains Cree) 13 Debut Group

Bill Miller (Mohican)- 99 Folk Artist, 99 Songwriter, 99 Song of the Year, 99 Male Artist, 06 Song/Single of the Year

Billy Whitefox - 04 Flutist

Black Eagle (Taos Pueblo) - 03 Pow Wow, 06 Pow Wow

Blackfoot Confederacy - -8 Best Pow Wow Recording

Black Lodge Singers (Blackfeet)- 98 Best Pow Wow Album, 00 Debut Group, 04 Pow Wow,

Black Thunder Singers - 11 Best Pow Wow Recording

Blackfire (Dine') - 02 Pop Rock, 04 Group, 08 Record of the Year

Bluedog - 10 Group of the Year

Bo Taylor - 10 Best Traditional

Bryan Akipa (Dakota) - 09 Best Male

Brule' (Lakota) - 02 Group, 02 Instrumental, 06 Compilation, 08 Best Long Form Video. 09 Group

Buddy Red Bow (Lakota)- 98 Hall of Fame

Buffy Sainte- Marie (Cree)- 98 Best Pop Artist

Buggin Malone - 06 R&B/Hip Hop

Burning Sky - 03 Group of the Year

CC Murdock - 11 Best Country Recording, 13 Short Form VIdeo

Carroll Medicine Crow - 08 Best New Age Recording

Casper Loma-da-wa (Hopi)- 01 World Music

Cecil Gray & Red Dawn Blues Band - 04 Blues Jazz

Charly Lowry (Lumbee)/Dark Water Rising -09 Best Video, 10 Debut Group

Chase Monchamp/Chase Manhattan - 10 Best Hip Hop

Chief Jim Billie (Seminole)- 99 Living Legend, 99 Debut Artist

Cherokee National Children's Choir - 02 Gospel/Christian, 03 Gospel/Christian, 08 Best Gospel Inspriational Recording

Cheryl Bear - 08 Debut Artist of the Year

Clan/destine (Intertribal) - 00 Pop/Rock

Cody Blackbird (Cherokee/Dakota) - 11 Flutist of the Year, 13 Song of the Year

Cozad - 04 Historical

Crystal Gayle (Cherokee) - 01 Hall of Fame

Dago Braves - 08 Best Rap Hip Hop Recording

Dark Water Rising (Lumbee) - Debut Group

Delphine Tsinajinnie (Dine')- 01 Debut Artist

Derek Miller (Mohawk) - 03 Best Blues, 09 Song/Single

Digging Roots - 10 Best Pop

Don Amero (Metis) - 11 Folk Recording

Douglas Blue Feather - 02 Independent Recording, 03 Flutist of the Year, 04 New Age, 06 New Age

Dylan Jenet Collins (Montaukett) - 11 Best Pop Recording

Eagle & Hawk - 06 Pop/Rock, 09 Rock

Edmund Bull - 08 Best Male Artist

Eli Secody - 04 Male

Emmanuel Black Bear (Lakota) - 13 Pow Wow

Evren Ozan - 04 Rising Star, 07 Best Instrumental

Eyabay (Chippewa)- 99 Canadian Traditional

Fara Palmer - 08 Best Pop Recording

Fawn Wood (Cree) - 13 Best Female

Felipe Rose (Taino, Lakota) - 02 Historical Recording, 03 Song/Single, 04 Songwriter, 08 Hall of Fame

Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Dakotah)- 02 Living Legend, 07 Best Country Recording

Frank Waln/Nake Nula Waun - 10 Best Producer, 13 Song of the Year

Fredrick Whiteface (Lakota)- 98 Best Jazz Artist, 98 Lifetime Achievement

Gabriel Ayala (Yaqui) - 09 Best Instrumental, 10 World Music, 11 Artist of the Year

Gary Small (Northern Cheyenne)- 02 Songwriter of the Year, 07 Best Rock Recording, 11 Male Artist,

Gathering of Nations (Intertribal)- 00 Pow Wow, 01 Compilation, 99 Pow Wow

Gilbert Begaye Sr - 08 Best Traditional Recording

Golana - 08 Best Instrumental Recording, 11 New Age

Graywolf Blues Band - 09 Best Blues

Hank Williams (Creek/Cherokee)- 99 Hall of Fame

Harvey Arden - 11 Spoken Word

Honey Dawn Karima and Cloudwalker (Creek/Cherokee/Cree) - 13 Gospel

Indigenous (Nakota)- 00 Blues, 00 Group, 01 Blues

Indigenous (Nakota)- 99 Best Blues, 99 Group of the Year, 99 Pop Group

Indigo Girls - 98 Native Heart (Non Native)

Injunity - 08 Debut Group of the Year, 10 Songwriter (Clonch & Carpenter)

JJ Kent - 09 Best Flutist

Jack Gladstone - 11 Historical Recording

Jana (Lumbee) - 01 Pop Rock, 02 Song/Single, 03 Female, 06 Record of the Year, 08 Best Short Form Music Video, 09 Song/Single, 13 Pop

Janelle Turtle (Cheyenne) - 08 Native American Church Recording

Janice Marie Johnson (Stockbridge Munsee) -02 Producer, 08 Hall of Fame

Jan Michael Looking Wolf (Grande Ronde)- 08 Flutist of the Year, 09 Artist of the Year, 10 Record of the Year, 11 Music Video

Jay Begaye - 10 Best Male

Jay Nez - 04 Debut Artist

Jerry Alfred (Northern Tutchone)- 99 Best Canadian Recording

Jim Boyd (Colville) - 02 Album, 03 Pop/Rock, 04 Record of the Year, 06 Songwriter, 08 Artist of the Year

Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek)- 00 Hall of Fame

Jimi Hendrix (Cherokee) - 98 Hall of Fame

Jimmy Lee Young - 04 Record

Jimmy Wolf - 08 Best Blues Recording

Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) - 98 Children's, 98 Best Female, 99 Female, 99 Traditional, 00 Music Video, 01 New Age, 01 Producer, 02 Artist, 03 Compilation, 09 Compilation, 10 New Age

John Trudell (Santee Sioux) - 00 Artist, 00 Song/Single, 1998 Living Legend

Joseph FireCrow (Cheyenne) - 03 Songwriter, 04 Instrumental, 06 Flutist, 10 Flutist, 10 Artist of the Year, 11 Song Single, 13 Best Flute

Joseph M Marshall III - 03 Spoken Word

Josh Halverson (Shockopee Sioux) - 11 Songwriter

Joy Harjo - 09 Best Female

Judy Trejo (Paiute) - 00 Best Historical

Celebrate - Kalan Wi (Salish) Keith Bear (Mandan)- 01 Traditional

Kalan Wi - 13 Historical/Linguistic

Keith Secola (Anishinabe)- 00 Best Independent, 01 Instrumental Recording, 02 Blues 03 Producer, 06 Artist of the Year, 06 Folk/Country Recording

Kelly Jackson (Lac du Flambeau) - 13 - Folk Americana

Kelly Parker - 09 Producer

Ken Quiet Hawk - 08 Best Spoken Word Recording

Kevin Locke (Lakota)- 00 Traditional, 09 Record of the Year

Kevin Yazzie - 11 Native American Church

Kitty Wells (Cherokee) - 02 Hall of Fame

KILI - 00 Best Radio

Koljademo (Pomo)- 1999 Best World Music

KTNN - 1999 Best Radio Station

Lakota Thunder (Lakota)- 01 Historical Recording, 06 Traditional

Laughing Woman & Eagle Wings (Mashantucket) -02 Folk/Country

Link Wray - 06 Hall of Fame

Litefoot (Cherokee) -00 Rap Hip Hop, 1998 Best Rap Artist. 1999 Rap Hip Hop, 02 Rap Hip Hop. 03 Male, 04 Artist

Luis Capcha Vilchez (Inca) - 11 Latin American

Marc Brown & The Blues Crew - 11 Blues Recording

Marlena Begaye - 03 Debut Artist, 06 Gospel/Christian/Inspirational

Mary Louise Defender Wilson (Dakotah)- 00 Spoken Word (Francis Cree) 02 Spoken Word, 04 Spoken Word

Mary Youngblood (Aleut/Seminole)- 00 New Age, 99 Flutist of the Year, 00 Female, 00 Flutist, 02 New Age Recording, 04 Producer

Martha Redbone (Blackfeet) -02 Debut Artist

Medicine Dream (Intertribal) - 06 Best Video

Micki Free (Comanche/Cherokee)- 02 Male Artist, 04 Pop Rock (The 9)

Michael Bucher (Cherokee) - 09 Compilation Recording, 10 Best Folk

Michael Jacobs - 03 Independent

Michael Searching Bear - 09 World Music

Midnite Express - 09 Pow Wow Recording

Mitch Walking Elk (Cheyenne/ Arapaho) - Best Blues 13

Nake Nula Waun - 11 Best Rap Hip Hop

Nakai, Eaton, Cilpman (Navajo/Ute)- 99 Instrumental

Native Roots (Pueblo) - 02 World Music, 08 Group of the Year, 08 Best World Music Recording

Native Thunder - (Tohono Oodham) - 10 Waila, 11 Waila

Neville Brothers (Choctaw/Cherokee)- 01 Video, 01 Living Legend

Nicole - 03 Instrumental

Nicole - 08 Best Female Artist

NightShield - 07 Best Rap Hip Hop Recording, 08 Song Single of the Year

Nokie Edwards - 10 Instrumental

Northern Cree (Cree) - 01 Pow Wow, 04 Compilation Recording

October Soul - 11 Debut Group of the Year

Oshkii Giizhik Singers - 09 Best Traditional

Pamyua - 03 Record of the Year

Peter Sackaney (Constance Lake) - 13 Songwriter

Pima Express (Gila River) - 03 Folk/Country

Pipestone - 11 Group of the Year, 2008 Record of the Year

PM Begay (Navajo)- 1999 Best Children's Recording

Primeax & Mike (Oglalla/Yankton Sioux & Ponca/Dine')- 1998 Best Traditional Album, 02 Traditional, 09 Native American Church

Pura Fe' - 06 Female

Qua ti Si - 04 Folk Country

Radmilla Cody (Dine')- 02 Female, 13 Record of the Year

RainSong - 09 Best Spoken Word

Ralphael Deas (Apache) - 13 Rap Hip Hop

R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo/Ute)- 00 Best Instrumental, 01 Flutist, 01 Lifetime Achievement, 1998 Best Flutist, 98 Best Male, 03 New Age

R. Carlos Nakai Quartet - 06 World Music

Randy McGinnis - 10 Best Compilation

Randy Wood - 04 Traditional, 11 Traditional

Red Bull - 02 Pow Wow Recording

Red Earth - 00 Debut Group of the Year, 03 World Music

Red Feather Woman - 06 Spoken Word

Red Hawk - 08 Best Historical Recording

Rezawrecktion - 04 Gospel/Christian

Rezhogs - -9 Rap Hip Hop

Rhonda Head - 11 World Recording

Rickey Medlocke - 13 Instrumental, 13 Long Form Video

Rita Coolidge (Cherokee)- 00 Lifetime Achievement, 06 Blues/Jazz Recording

Robbie Robertson (Mohawk) - 98 Lifetime Achievement, 99 Record, 99 Producer

Robert Mirabal (Taos Pueblo)- 00 Songwriter, 01 Artist, 01 Record. 01 Songwriter, 98 Songwriter, 02 Video, 03 Artist

Robert Tree Cody (Maricopa/Dakota)- 1999 Best New Age

Robert Tree, Redhouse, Romero (Maricopa/Dakota)- 00 Latin Recording. 00 World Music, 01 Male Artist,

Rollin Fox ()- 01 Rap Hip Hop

Rushingwind & Mucklow (Cahuilla) - 13 New Age

Ryan Little Eagle Molina (Lakota) - 13 Debut Artist

Sacred Harmonies - 10 Native American Church

Samantha Crain - 09 Songwriter

Saving Damsels (Navajo & Hopi) - 13 Rock

Sayani - 10 Best Gospel

Segweh - 10 Best Rock

Shadowyze - 04 Rap/Hip Hop

Shane Yellowbird - 09 Country Recording, 10 Best Country

Sharon Burch (Dine')- 00 Record of the Year

Shelley Morningsong - 11 Record of the Year

Silverbird (Apache/Navajo) 06 Debut Artist

Skylar Wolf - 09 Debut Artist

Stan Summers - 04 Independent

Stephen Butler - 11 Best Producer

Star Nayea ()- 01 Independent Recording, 08 Songwriter of the Year

Stevie Salas (Apache) - 08 Best Rock Recording, 09 Lifetime Achievement

Stuart Snake & Paul Never Misses A Shot - 03 Traditional

T.O. Combo (Tohonor O’odham) - 13 Waila

The Blessed Blend - 11 Best Rock Recording

The Boyz - 10 Best Pow Wow

The Crow Girls - 08 Best Folk Recording

The Story Tellers - 10 Best Spoken Word

Thunderbird Sisters (Shinnecock)- 00 Folk Artist

Thunder Hawk Singers (Cree) - 09 Best Historical

Tiger Tiger (Miccosukee) - 06 Lifetime Achievement

Tinesha Begaye - 10 Best Female

Tom Bee (Dakota)- 1998 Best Producer, 1999 Lifetime Achievement, 10 Music Video

Tommy Allsup (Cherokee) - 09 Living Legend

Tommy Wildcat (Cherokee) 02 Flutist

Tony Duncan (Apache Arikara, Hidatsa) - 13 Artist of the Year

Tony Redhouse - 09 New Age, 11 Longform Video

Tracy Bone - 08 Best Country Recording

Travis Harden (Minneconjou/Lakota)- 01 Spoken Word

Tribal Live -3 Rap/Hip Hop

Twice As Good - 10 Best Blues

Victoria Blackie - 10 Debut Artist

Vince Fontaine - 11 Instrumental recording

Yarina - 04 World Music

Yolanda Martinez - 04 Female

Yvonne St Germaine - 11 Gospel Recording

Wade Fernandez - 06 Male

Walela (Cherokee)- 01 Group of the Year, 1998 Song of the Year, 98 Debut Group, 04 Short Long video

Warfield Moose Jr- 03 Historical

Wayne SIlas Jr (Oneida) - 13 Male

Wayquay (Ojibway)- 1999 Best Music Video

Will & Lil Jess (Lakota) - 09 Debut Duo/Group of the Year

Wind Spirit Drum - 09 Gospel/Christian, 10 Song/Single (Windwalker)

Non Native Recipients

Francis Couturel - 13 Producer

Wolfsheart & Big City Indians - 10 Native Heart, 11 Native Heart

Bruce Cockburn - 00 Native Heart (Non Native Category)

Ed Stasium - 08 Native Heart

Harold Owens - 06 Humanitarian Award

Indigo Girls - 98 Native Heart (Non Native)

Jeff Ball - 01 Native Heart (Non Native)

Jackson Browne - 00 Producer (Non Native)

John Densmore - 06 Native Heart, 03 Lifetime Achievement

Michael Brant DeMaria - 09 Native Heart

Neil Young - 02 Native Heart

Raymond Boley - 99 Native Heart (Non Native)

Scott August - 04 Native Heart

Stefan Gelfas/AlexSalzman - 06 Producer

Sybille Hummingbird - 13 Native Heart

Tom Wassinger - 01 Best Producer, 04 Producer

Non Music

Billy Mills (Lakota) - 01 Jim Thorpe

Navajo Codetalkers (Navajo) - 00 Living Legend

Notah Begay III (Navajo)- 00 Jim Thorpe

Iroquois Nationals - 1999 Jim Thorpe

Coach Kelvin Sampson - 02 Jim Thorpe

Buddy Big Mountain - 05 Outstanding Achievement

Ted Nolan - 11 Jim Thorpe

Lifetime Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame inductions[edit]

Another feature of the Native American Music Awards is the Lifetime Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame inductions:[1][4]

Hall of Fame inductions[edit]

Jimi Hendrix (1998)
Buddy Red Bow (1998)
Hank Williams (1999)
Jim Pepper (2000)
Crystal Gayle (2001)
Kitty Wells (2002)
Doc Tate Nevaquaya (2006)
Link Wray (2007)
Redbone (2008)
Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd/Blackfoot (2008)
Janice Marie Johnson of A Taste of Honey (2008)
Felipe Rose of Village People (2008)
Ritchie Valens (2009)
Russell Means (2013)

Lifetime Achievement Awards[edit]

Robbie Robertson (1998)
Rita Coolidge (1999)
Tom Bee of XIT (2000)
R. Carlos Nakai (2001)
John Densmore (2003)
Tiger Tiger (2007)
Joanne Shenandoah (2008)
Bill Miller (2008)
Stevie Salas (2009)
John Trudell (Living Legend, 1998)
Navajo Code talkers (Living Legend, 1999)
The Neville Brothers (Living Legend, 2001)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Living Legend, 2002)
Tommy Allsup (Living Legend, 2009)

Previous honorees[edit]

Past recipients of NAMA awards include: Adrian Brown, Tim Sampson, Jonathon Joss, Charles Button, AIRO, Andrew Vasquez, Annie Humphrey, Apache Spirit, Apryl Allen, Arigon Starr, Arvel Bird, Atsiaktonkie, Bear Fox, Becky Thomas, Bill Miller, Billy Whitefox, Black Eagle, Blackfoot Confederacy, Black Lodge Singers, Black Thunder Singers, Blackfire, Bluedog, Bo Taylor, Bryan Akipa, Brulé, Buddy Red Bow, Buddy Big Mountain, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Buggin Malone, Burning Sky, CC Murdock, Carroll Medicine Crow, Casper Loma-da-wa, Cecil Gray & Red Dawn Blues Band, Charly Lowry, Chase Monchamp, Chase Manhattan, Chief Jim Billie, Cherokee National Children's Choir, Cheryl Bear, Clan/destine, Cody Blackbird, Cozad, Crystal Gayle, Dago Braves, Dark Water Rising, Delphine Tsinajinnie, Derek Miller, Digging Roots, Don Amero, Douglas Blue Feather, Dylan Jenet Collins, Eagle & Hawk, Edmund Bull, Eli Secody, Evren Ozan, Evren Ozan, Eyabay, Fara Palmer, Felipe Rose, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Frank Waln, Nake Nula Waun, Fredrick Whiteface, Gabriel Ayala, Gary Small, Gathering of Nations, Gilbert Begaye Sr, Golana, Graywolf Blues Band, Hank Williams, Harvey Arden, Indigenous, Indigo Girls, Injunity, Jeff Carpenter, Brad Clonch, JJ Kent, Jack Gladstone, Jana, Janelle Turtle, Janice Marie Johnson, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Jay Begaye, Jay Nez, Jennifer Kreisberg, Jerry Alfred, Jim Boyd, Jim Pepper, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Lee Young, Jimmy Wolf, Joanne Shenandoah, John Trudell, Joseph FireCrow, Joseph Marshall III, Josh Halverson, Joy Harjo, Judy Trejo, Kansas Begaye, Keith Bear, Keith Secola, Kelly Parker, Ken Quiet Hawk, Kevin Locke, Kevin Yazzie, Kitty Wells, Koljademo, Lakota Thunder, Laughing Woman & Eagle Wings, Lil Dre, Link Wray, Litefoot, Luis Capcha Vilchez, Marc Brown & The Blues Crew, Marlena Begaye, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, Mary Youngblood, Martha Redbone, Medicine Dream, Micki Free, Michael Bucher, Michael Jacobs, Michael Searching Bear, Midnite Express, Nake Nula Waun, William Eaton, Cilpman, Native Roots, Native Thunder, Neville Brothers, Nicole, NightShield, Nokie Edwards, Northern Cree, October Soul, Oshkii Giizhik Singers, Pamyua, Pima Express, Pipestone, PM Begay, Primeax & Mike, Pura Fé, Qua ti Si, Radmilla Cody, RainSong, R. Carlos Nakai, R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, Randy McGinnis, Randy Wood, Red Bull, Red Earth, Red Feather Woman, Red Hawk, Rezawrecktion, Rezhogs, Rhonda Head, Rita Coolidge, Robbie Robertson, Robert Mirabal, Robert Tree Cody, Rubin Romero, Rollin Fox, Sacred Harmonies, Samantha Crain, Sayani, Segweh, Shadowyze, Shane Yellowbird, Sharon Burch, Shelley Morningsong, Silverbird, Skylar Wolf, Stan Summers, Stephen Butler, Stevie Salas, Stuart Snake & Paul Never Misses A Shot, The Blessed Blend, The Boyz, The Crow Girls, The Story Tellers, Thunderbird Sisters, Thunder Hawk Singers, Tiger Tiger, Tinesha Begaye, Tom Bee, Tommy Allsup, Tommy Wildcat, Tony Redhouse, Tracy Bone, Travis Harden, Tribal Live, Twice As Good, Victoria Blackie, Vince Fontaine, Yarina, Yolanda Martinez, Yvonne St Germaine, Wade Fernandez, Walela, Warfield Moose Jr, Wayquay, Will & Lil Jess, Wind Spirit Drum, Wolfsheart & Big City Indians, Bruce Cockburn, Ed Stasium, Jeff Ball, Jackson Browne, John Densmore, Michael Brant DeMaria, Neil Young, Raymond Boley, Scott August, Stefan Gelfas, Tom Wassinger


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