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Native Point (Inuktitut: Tunirmiut[1] or Tuneriut) is a peninsula in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located on Southampton Island's Bell Peninsula at the mouth of Native Bay.

Archaeological site[edit]

A Sadlermiut settlement, situated on the west side of the point, was abandoned after the Sadlerimiut became extinct in winter 1902-03. Now a notable archeological site, it is referred to as "T1" because of the Inuktitut name, "Tuneriut", for Native Point.[2] T1 is the largest Sadlermiut site on the island.[3]


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Coordinates: 63°43′48″N 082°30′36″W / 63.73000°N 82.51000°W / 63.73000; -82.51000 (Native Point)