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NatSKA (The National Schools and Youth Group Karting Association) was formed over 40 years ago in the north east by a group of like-minded people intent on making motorsport accessible to schoolchildren.

One of their primary objectives was to make kart racing as affordable to as many people as possible whilst maintaining a high level of competition.

Kart racing in schools has existed since the late sixties. NatSKA is a nationwide association that holds race meetings throughout the country at major racetracks such as Blackbushe, Glan-y-Gors, Kimbolton, Rowrah, Rye House, Buckmore park and Whilton Mill.

The association has 27 teams as far apart as Tyne and Wear through to Kent and Devon.

All race meetings are run by NatSKA under the authority of the Motor Sports Association (MSA) who are responsible for all motor sport in the UK including British Touring Cars, Formula 3, Formula Renault and all motorcycle racing including the Moto GP British Grand Prix.

Karting as a school activity covers a wide range of educational, academic, technological, social and sporting subjects. It provides a tremendous stimulus to all concerned. Pupils are often motivated to attempt work previously considered to be too advanced or technically difficult, and their teachers can often control and channel this to good effect. Indeed, the practical aspects of designing and building a kart are just as important as the enjoyment of driving.

NatSKA currently runs 11 classes:

  • Class 1: Cadet
  • Class 7: 100cc Piston Ported (TKM BT82 or Yamaha KT100)
  • Class 8: 100cc Rotary/Reed/Piston Ported
  • Class 10: Comer 60 Box Stock
  • Class 11: 4 Stroke Box Stock Direct Drive (non-gearbox) Junior
  • Class 12: 4 Stroke Box Stock Direct Drive (non-gearbox) Senior
  • Class 13: 4 Stroke Modified Direct Drive
  • Class 14: Raket 85 Box Stock
  • Class 15: Rotax Max/Junior Max

Former Classes:

  • Class 1: 50cc Single Ratio Restricted
  • Class 3: 50cc Gearbox Restricted
  • Class 2: Honda C70, C90 and C90 Cub Direct Drive
  • Class 4: 50cc Gearbox Open
  • Class 5: Comer 80 Box Stock
  • Class 6: 100cc Low Power (max 12.5 BHP as manufactured)
  • Class 9: 125cc Gearbox
  • Class 16: Honda C70, C90 and C90 Cub Gearbox

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