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Jat Clan
Location Punjab (India) and Punjab (Pakistan)
Language Punjabi
Religion Sikhism and Islam
Surnames Chaudhary and Singh

The Natt (or Nat) (pronounced "Natt") are a Jat gotra (clan) found in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.


In India, Natts are mainly found in Punjab in Gurdaspur, Ludhiana (Kakowal village) and Sangrur districts. Natts can also be found in Kurukshetra and Jind districts of Haryana.

In Pakistan, The Natts are found mainly in Narowal and Gujranwala districts, specifically, in the village of Nat Kalan.


The Natt of India are Sikh, while those of Pakistan are Muslim.[citation needed]

Popular culture[edit]

One of the most successful Pakistani Western-style movies Maula Jatt has a storyline involving a villain of this gotra called Nuri Natt.[1]

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Not to be confused with Nat, a Hindu caste of North India.