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Natureworks LLC
Type LLC
Headquarters Blair, NE, USA
Products Ingeo
Parent Cargill; PTT Global Chemical

NatureWorks LLC is a manufacturer of bioplasticspolymers derived entirely from annually renewable plant resources — replacing petroleum-based plastic in packaging materials, consumer goods and fiber products. The commercial quality polymer is made from the carbon found in simple plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactic acid polymer (PLA) which is marketed under the brand name Ingeo.[1]

NatureWorks is jointly owned by Cargill and PTT Global Chemical[2][3] The company was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill.[4]

In 2001, NatureWorks LLC opened its manufacturing facility in Blair, Nebraska, USA. This is the first and largest PLA facility in the world and supplies NatureWorks' Ingeo biopolymer to markets across the globe. The Blair facility slated to increase its Ingeo nameplate capacity to 150,000 metric tons in the first quarter of 2013.[5]

NatureWorks LLC offices are located in Minneapolis, the Netherlands, Japan, and Thailand.


Ingeo biopolymer bears the resin identification code 7 and can be chemically recycled,[6] composted[7] or landfilled.[8] Ordinary home composts can not break down the polymer, although high-temperature commercial composting systems can.[9]

NatureWorks Conference[edit]

NatureWorks hosts a conference called "Innovation takes Root",[10] which brings together user of their Ingeo Polymer.


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