Naughty Boys Instrumental

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Naughty Boys Instrumental
Remix album by Yellow Magic Orchestra
Released July 27, 1983
Recorded October 1982-March 1983
Genre Electronic, dance, synthrock, techno, J-pop, new wave, synthpop
Length 42:12
Label Alfa Records
Producer YMO
Yellow Magic Orchestra chronology
Naughty Boys
Naughty Boys Instrumental

Naughty Boys Instrumental (浮気なぼくら(インストゥルメンタル) Uwaki na bokura (Instrumental); "Naughty boys"?) is the first remix album by Yellow Magic Orchestra. It contained nearly the entire Naughty Boys album as instrumental tracks in an entirely different running order, as well as the b-side to "Kimi ni, mune kyun.", "Chaos Panic"; and the full instrumental version of "You've Got to Help Yourself", which was released in "preview" form on the previous album. "You've Got to Help Yourself"'s vocal version is also featured on Service.

Naughty Boys Instrumental featured additional synthesizers imitating the vocal lines, as well as new embellishments and mixes. Several tracks featured sonically updated percussion tracks, while "Ongaku" featured an acoustic piano soloing over the piece.

Naughty Boys Instrumental was re-released in 2004 in a double disc package alongside Naughty Boys.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Chaos Panic"   Haruomi Hosono 4:12
2. "Expected Way" (希望の路; "Kibou no michi") Yukihiro Takahashi 4:34
3. "Focus"   Takahashi/Hosono 3:41
4. "Kai-Koh" (邂逅; "Kaikō") Ryuichi Sakamoto 4:27
5. "Expecting Rivers" (希望の河; "Kibou no kawa") Takahashi/Sakamoto 4:37
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "You've Got to Help Yourself" (以心電信; "Ishin denshin") Takahashi/Sakamoto 4:21
2. "Lotus Love"   Hosono 4:05
3. "Ongaku" (音楽; "Ongaku") Sakamoto 3:25
4. "Opened My Eyes"   Takahashi 3:40
5. "Wild Ambitions"   Hosono/Sakamoto 5:10

Translation notes[edit]

As on some other YMO albums, song titles are provided in both Japanese and English, and some have different translations all together:

  • Though "Expected Way" and "Expecting Rivers" are the official translations, the Japanese titles translate to "Desired path" and "River of hope", respectively.
  • "邂逅" translates to "Chance Meeting".
  • 以心電信" translates to "Telegraph of the Heart".