Nauravat silmät muistetaan

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Finland "Nauravat silmät muistetaan"
Eurovision Song Contest 1988 entry
Country Finland
Artist(s) Kyösti Laihi, Juha Lanu,
Jari Nieminen, Tommi Tepsa,
Erkki Korhonen, Jari Puhakka
As Boulevard
Language Finnish
Composer(s) Pepe Willberg
Lyricist(s) Kirsti Willberg
Conductor Ossi Runne
Finals performance
Final result 20th
Final points 3
Appearance chronology
◄ "Sata salamaa" (1987)   
"La dolce vita" (1989) ►

"Nauravat silmät muistetaan" ("Laughing eyes are remembered") was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988, performed in Finnish by Boulevard (who achieved the unusual distinction of backing a singer at one Contest before appearing in their own right at the immediately following Contest).

The song was performed third on the night, following Sweden's Tommy Körberg with "Stad i ljus" and preceding the United Kingdom's Scott Fitzgerald with "Go". At the close of voting, it had received 3 points, placing 20th in a field of 21.

The song deals with the alienation of the modern world, with the band singing that it is easy to become memorable and brighten someone else's day by laughing, as "laughing eyes are remembered". Boulevard also recorded the song in English, then under the title "Laughing Eyes".

It was succeeded as Finnish representative at the 1989 Contest by Anneli Saaristo with "La dolce vita".