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Nausharo is located in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is well known as an archaeological site for the Harappan period. The excavations were carried out between 1985 and 1996 by a French team of archaeologists, under the direction of Jean-François Jarrige. The other sites belonging to the same cluster are Mehrgarh and Pirak.

Nausharo excavation[edit]

Excavations at Nausharo, 6 km from Mehrgarh, revealed a dwelling-site contemporaneous and identical to Mehrgarh, It was occupied between 3000 and 2550 BCE and again between 2550 and 1900 BCE.


  • Period IA c. 2900-2800 BCE
  • Period IB c. 2800-2700 BCE
  • Period IC c. 2700-2600 BCE
  • Period ID c. 2600-2550 BCE (transition period)
  • Period IIA c. 2550-2300 BCE
  • Period IIB c. 2300-1900 BCE
  • Period III c. 1900-1800 BCE

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Jarrige, Catherine; Une tête d'éléphant en terre cuite de Nausharo (Pakistan) [An elephant's head in terracotta:Nausharo (Pakistan)] (French).

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