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Nausithous[pronunciation?] or Nausithoös (Gr. Ναυσίθοος) is a name that refers to the following characters in Greek mythology:

  • The king of the Phaeacians in the generation before Odysseus washed ashore on their home island of Scherie. He was the son of the god Poseidon and Periboia,the daughter of the Giant king Eurymedon. According to Homer, Nausithous led a migration of Phaeacians from Hypereia to the island of Scheria in order to escape the lawless Cyclopes. He is the father of Alcinous and Rhexenor. Alcinous would go on to marry his niece, Rhexenor's daughter Arete.[1] One source relates that Heracles came to Nausithous to get cleansed after the murder of his children; during his stay in the land of the Phaeacians, the hero fell in love with the nymph Melite and conceived a son Hyllus with her.[2]


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