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NavTool[1] is a software system which is aimed at the organizations focused on the creation and design of airspace structure and navigation routes management, along with AIP producers and it was developed by BWise Solutions Ltd, Romania, which is also the copyright holder of this program.

The main requirement for running NavTool is to have a machine able to reasonably run Java 1.6 applications.

NavTool was renamed to navTS.


The following are the main features of the navTS software:

  • Navigation calculator solving, direct, inverse, intersection and cross-track distance, collinearity and points search by coordinates and radius problems
  • Significant points database management
  • Significant points HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 4.3 NAME-CODE DESIGNATORS FOR SIGNIFICANT POINTS"
  • Significant points import tool
  • Navigation aids database management (VOR, DME, VOR-DME, NDB)
  • Navigation aids HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 4.1 RADIO NAVIGATION AIDS — EN-ROUTE"
  • Navigation aids import tool
  • Routes and route points database management
  • Routes HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 3. ATS ROUTES", making all the necessary distance and bearing calculations
  • Module units and formats parameters configuration
  • Data audit system, including data validation and traceability features

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