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Naval Air Facility Washington is a United States Naval Reserve air facility. It was merged in 2009 with Andrews Air Force Base to create Joint Base Andrews in accordance with law passed by Congress under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. Naval Air Facility Washington (NAFW) maintains a Joint Partnership as the supported component of Joint Base Andrews-NAF Washington. NAFW is one of only three Navy Reserve bases in the U.S., and is subordinate to Commander Naval Air Force Reserve headquartered in San Diego, CA. Its mission is training and readiness support for 12 Navy and Marine Corps commands aboard NAFW in order to deploy forces globally. These tenant commands include 3 operational squadrons: VR-1, VR-53, and VMR Andrews. The squadrons execute missions with C-37B, C-20D, C-130T, and UC-35D aircraft to support VIP transport, Navy Airlift Logistics, and Marine Corps VIP flights. The other tenant commands on NAFW perform different missions supporting various enterprises throughout the Navy. Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Washington ensures personnel support and mobilization readiness for over 3000 Navy Reservists in the DC area. Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) Mid-Atlantic det NAFW performs all the intermediate level maintenance functions to support the operational squadrons. Navy Communication-Security Material System (NCMS) Command manages all COMSEC throughout the Navy and reports to Navy Cyber Command. Additional NAFW tenant commands include: Information Dominance Corps (IDC) Region Washington, Branch Health Clinic NAFW, Aviation Supply Depot (ASD) Washington, Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) det NAFW, Navy Recruiting Office Andrews and the Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center. Over 700 personnel work on NAFW on a daily basis. In addition to deciding executive facility priorities with the Air Force, the NAFW HQ staff provides the following functions to the tenants: maintenance of the Navy Marine Corps Internet system, Communications Security Material support, VIP hosting, facility coordination, and station weapons.

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Coordinates: 38°48′40.48″N 76°51′32.58″W / 38.8112444°N 76.8590500°W / 38.8112444; -76.8590500