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Capt. Barbara Sisson watches over the smoky battleground while members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One Four (NMCB-14) execute an advance on enemy positions during a convoy training evolution.

There are 9 active-duty naval mobile construction battalions (NMCBs) — known as C.B.'s ("Seabees") — in the United States Navy, split between the east and west coasts. The remaining battalions are Navy Reserve battalions:

West Coast (Port Hueneme, California)[edit]

  • NMCB 3 ("Better Than Best")
  • NMCB 4 ('"4" Does More') (also "Fab-4" while in Davisville)
  • NMCB-5 ("The Professionals")
  • NMCB-40 ("Fighting Forty") – decommissioned

East Coast (Gulfport, Mississippi)[edit]

  • NMCB-1 ("The First and The Finest")("Also known as The BONE")unofficial
  • NMCB-7 ("Magnificent Seven") – decommissioned
  • NMCB-11 ("Lucky Eleven")
  • NMCB-74 ("Fearless 74") (Also called "Eager Beavers" in the 1980s)- decommissioned 2014
  • NMCB-133 ("Runnin' Roos")
  • NMCB-62 ("The Minute Men") Unofficial("Sixty Screw") – decommissioned

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