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Visual novel studio
Industry Computer games
Founded 2003
Headquarters Japan
Products Adult visual novels

Navel (ネーブル Nēburu?) is a Japanese label of Omega Vision Inc. a publisher of bishōjo and eroge visual novel games. Its name is a reference to the navel orange. The company consist Aoi Nishimata and Suzuhira Hiro as the character designer. In 2006, Hiro announced her departure, making Ne~Pon x Rai~Pon became her last game in Navel. In 2012, she's back and once again collaborating with Aoi Nishimata in Navel's 10th anniversary game Tsuki ni Yorisō Otome no Sahō.

Games produced[edit]

By Navel
By Lime
Collaboration between Navel and Lime


In March 2006, Navel formed the 'sister brand' Lime.

The brand has published many games:

  • Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro♪
  • Maximum Magic -Quirk of Destiny-
  • Petapeta ~linking little fingers to confirm a promise~
  • Love☆Kiss
  • ××× na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Himitsu no Houhou
  • Royal Duty / Flush!!

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