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Original author(s) NaviSoft
Developer(s) Bernd Eidenschink, Ibrahim, Stephen Deasey, Gustaf Neumann, Vlad Seryakov, Zoran Vasiljevic
Stable release 4.99.6 / June 29, 2014; 7 months ago (2014-06-29)
Written in C, Tcl
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web server
License Mozilla Public License

NaviServer is a high performance web server written in C and Tcl. It can be easily extended in either language to create web sites and services; there are over 35 modules available.

The project is under active development, hosted on SourceForge. Licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Recent new features include:

  • an internal watchdog for automatic server restarts
  • server internals exposed in a command line mode
  • logging all server configuration parameters to the logfile
  • mass virtual hosting
  • uses the TCL virtual filesystem (for optional single-file Starkit deployment)
  • byte-range requests for streaming and resumption of downloads


NaviServer is based on AOLserver (version 4.10), AOL's open source web server. The NaviServer project started as a fork of the AOLserver project. It is different in that it wants to be more experimental and aggressive with new feature development.

Historically NaviServer was the original name of the server, a closed-source product by a company called NaviSoft in the early 90's. It was bought by AOL in 1995, and released as open-source in 1999 after they released Mozilla. This friendly-fork takes the code back to its original name.

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