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Navin Mittal
Born 1973 (age 40–41)
Occupation Indian Administrative Service

Navin Mittal is the Special Commissioner[1] of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in Andhra Pradesh in India.

He belongs to the 1996 batch of the Indian Administrative Service and allotted to the Andhra Pradesh cadre. He is a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.[2] He stood 3rd in All India Civil Services exams in 1995.[3]

As a Commissioner for Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, he brought CRISIL award 2003[4] for the Corporation & as Incharge of ITDA, his works were recognised by World Bank.[5][6]

As Collector and District Magistrate of Krishna District, he restored Kolleru lake from the hands of land mafia.[7][8] He has been instrumental in successfully completing the Kolleru Operation in 2006, which involved clearing more than 15,000 acres (61 km2) of encroachment in Krishna District in the Kolleru Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in India. Among his other notable works in Krishna District are the successfully spearheading an agitation against the unscrupulous activities of Microfinance institutions(MFIs) in Andhra Pradesh[9][10] and also leading the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts against the large scale flooding of Krishna District due to Ogni Cyclone in October / November 2006.[11] Mr Mittal has taken initiative called "Palle Nidra"[12] which is an innovative program of making a night halt at Villages along with officials and public representatives to analyse the issues and address them.

As Collector & District Magistrate of Hyderabad District, Navin Mittal actively worked on up-gradation of Government schools,[13] rescue and rehabilitation of child labour and destitute children[14] and bringing in regulation for school fees.[15][16] The Rotary Club of Hyderabad East honoured Mr. Navin Mittal, Collector, Hyderabad District along with Dr. P. G. Sastry, Former Chairman, Environmental Clearance Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Mrs. Lynne, Founder – AGAPE with Vocational Excellence Awards 2009.[17] controversy: He is involved in the illegal land transformation scam which he is involved in illegal allocation of the government land to private and real estate business holders. After his transfer from the post of the collector, Hyderabad district, he is involved in the irregular approvals of the files on which he dated the files when he is not incumbent of that office and they are exposed by the incumbent collector mr. Natarajan Gulzar, IAS, and exposed the fraud in which many of the office holders are involved.


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