Navitus Bay wind farm

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Navitus Bay offshore wind farm
Navitus Bay wind farm is located in England
Navitus Bay wind farm
Location of Navitus Bay within England
Official name Navitus Bay Wind Park
Location ~10km south of Dorset and the Isle of Wight
Coordinates 50°34′33″N 1°42′47″W / 50.57583°N 1.71306°W / 50.57583; -1.71306Coordinates: 50°34′33″N 1°42′47″W / 50.57583°N 1.71306°W / 50.57583; -1.71306
Status Proposed
Owner(s) Eneco Wind UK Ltd (Eneco), EDF Energy
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Site area 155 km2 (60 sq mi)
Max. water depth 32 to 53 m (105 to 174 ft)
Distance from shore 14.3 km (8.9 mi)
Power generation
Units planned 121–194
Nameplate capacity 970 MW

Navitus Bay Wind Park is a proposed 970MW Round 3 offshore wind farm, situated off the English coast approximately 10km south of Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

History and development[edit]

Eneco Energie was awarded seabed land rights to develop a Round 3 offshore wind farm by The Crown Estate in 2010. Initial estimates were that around 30% of the 723 km2 (279 sq mi) zone could be used for wind farm development, giving a capacity of ~900MW.[1] An initial "Zone Appraisal and Planning" (ZAP) report was published in Dec 2010. The report proposed a single 77 square miles (200 km2) wind farm located in the middle northern part of the development zone, over 8 miles from both Durlston Head (Isle of Purbeck), and The Needles (Isle of Wight), with water depths of 28 to 55 metres (92 to 180 ft).[2] In 2011 the name "Navitus Bay" was chosen by a public poll conducted by Eneco.[3] Eneco (Eneco Wind UK Ltd) and EDF Energy formed a 50:50 joint venture in 2012 to develop the project.[4]

By mid 2012 a cable landfall location had been selected at Taddiford Gap between Barton on Sea and Milford on Sea; with an underground onshore cable route of approximately 35 kilometres (22 mi) connecting to a new substation at Mannington, where a connection at 400kV to the existing National Grid would be made.[5][6] (agreed with National Grid Oct. 2011.[7])

In December 2012, after public consulation, the wind farm was reduced in size from 76.4 to 67.5 square miles (198 to 175 km2) to reduce visual impact from coastal areas, with the maximum number of turbines cut from 333 to 218, and the maximum turbine height reduced from 210 to 200 metres (690 to 660 ft).[8][9][10] The reduced wind farm had an estimated maximum capacity of around 1100MW.[11] Design expectations were for turbines of 5 to 8 MW capacity,[12] foundation design was not finalised, but monopile foundations had been excluded from use in the southern half of the site.[13] The offshore development would also include up to three (33 or 66kV to 132 or 275kV AC) offshore substations, and a meteorological mast.[14]

In late 2013 Robert Syms (MP for Poole) argued against the project in parliament, citing concerns including impact on the tourism industry; the wind farm was also opposed by group "Challenge Navitus" on the basis that it was too large and innapropiately placed, as well concerns about a potential negative environmental impact.[15] In February 2014, the area was further reduced in scope, to mitigate visual impact to the northeast, with the area reduced to 60 sq mi (160 km2), resulting in 24 fewer estimated turbines, resulting in a reduced maximum capacity of 970MW.[16][17][10]

In May 2014 the application to the Planning Inspectorate was formally accepted.[18]

If approved, construction is expected to take 3 to 4.5 years, split into two or three phases.[19]


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