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Navjivan Express is a daily train between Chennai Central and Ahmedabad.

Navjeevan Express Route Map with Important Halts marked


It was introduced in 1978 to run between Madras Beach and Ahmedabad Junction on a weekly basis. Originally numbered as 145/146, it departed Madras Beach at 06:00 on Tuesdays and arrived Ahmedabad Junction the next day at 17:30. On its return lap, it departed Ahmedabad Junction on Thursdays at 06:50, and reached Madras Beach the next evening at 19:50.

The train plied via Renigunta - Wadi Junction - Daund - Manmad Junction - Jalgaon with a 17 coach haul, and a single WDM-2 Diesel loco.

A single coach AC 2 Sleeper accommodation was introduced in 1984.

This train is now renumbered as 12655/12656 and runs daily from Chennai Central via Vijayawada - Warangal - Wardha - Jalgaon - Surat. It departs Chennai Central at 09.35.

The train has a 24 coach haulage, and covers a total distance of 1900 km (approx.) in about 34 hours. A single WAP-4 Electric Loco from the Erode shed hauls it all the way on the completely electrified traction. This train shares its rakes with Coimbatore-Chennai Cheran Express. This is maintained at Coimbatore Yard.

This new route is also longer. The shortest route is via Wadi Junction - Kalyan Junction - Vasai Road - Surat.

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